2011 NAB Show Product Review: Test & Measurement

With the continued interest (if not overwhelming adoption) of 3D, test equipment manufacturers are coming up with solutions measure signals so ensure the desired 3D effect. And with recent changes in audio broadcasting regulations, devices to measure and log loudness levels were sprouting up throughout the exhibit floor.


Rol Karolick (L) of HMA and Steve Nunney of Hamlet discuss the Hamlet DS900 test & measurement multiviewer. Photo by Dawley/KovacsBridge Technologies launched VideoBRIDGE VB330, the first product based on the company's new 10GB architecture, featuring three blades in a 1RU chassis and the ability to deliver 60GB monitoring capability.

Digital Nirvana showed its MonitorIQ 2.2 Broadcast Monitoring System, which uses a Web interface to allow scripting languages to control the system's settings and operation.

IneoQuest introduced the Expedus DVA probe that monitors content as it is being processed, then performs checks on the content at various locations as it flows through the system.

Manzanita Systems announced MP2TSAE 5.0, a major upgrade to the company’s transport stream analyzer software. With MP2TSAE 5.0, the TS analyzer identifies media interoperability problems, and the new version expands the analysis of MPEG, ATSC and DVB standards by adding checks for more than 100 additional parameters.

Miranda debuted its Playout Glass Cockpit, which tightly integrates the iTX IT-based automated playout with Kaleido multiviewers, and iControl Playout Manager facility monitoring. It also incorporates a range of broadcast infrastructure products, including intelligent switching and loudness management.

MiraVid demonstrated its TeleSight Ultimate, which is a combination of multiviewer and bitstream conformance analyzer.

Pixelmetrix unveiled the Consolidator monitoring system that provides centralized access to key network fault and performance information.

Sencore showed its VideoBridge transport packet monitor that uses IP, ASI and RF interfaces for continuous quality assurance of streaming media in a variety of compression schemes. The company added a 10GbE version of its VB330 dual-port probe, and also introduced the compact VB12-RF analyzer for QAM/VSB, ASI and IP analysis.

Snell debuted new functionality for its Centra control and monitoring system. Centra can detect and alert operators of system defects and operational issues, and provide the control elements to correct problems.

Triveni Digital debuted the StreamScope RM-40 Mobile Dashboard, a new web-based interface that provides secure mobile access to StreamScope RM-40 stream comparison and visualization data via iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

T-VIPS announced the TNS546 (previously called the CP546) transport stream monitor, which continuously monitors transport streams, services, PIDs and PSI/SI/PSIP tables.

Phillip Adams (L) of Phabrix and George Gonos of Leader pose with the Phabrix RX2000 test & measurement platform. Photo by Dawley/KovacsVideo Clarity introduced the RTM Manager real-time monitor family of products. RTM Manager is a web server, event logger, archive and player with a web browser dashboard for instant remote status of one or more RTM units. The system is used in a television network to monitor a channel’s outbound AV quality, lip sync and ancillary data.

Volicon debuted the Observer ASI/transport stream monitoring and logging system, which gives video networks the ability to handle MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport streams, and retain the content and metadata carried within them.


DK-Technologies showed the PT0700R Client Panel, a remote unit for the company's PT0760M HD/SD multichannel waveform monitor.

Hamlet rolled out the Digiscope DS900 quad-multiviewer, a half-rack-width rasterizer with built-in screens that can monitor four signals simultaneously.

Leader unveiled the LV5770 multi-monitor that can simultaneously view signals from two 3G and HD/SD-SDI sources, displaying picture, waveform, vector and other displays.

Link Electronics featured its HDG-820/821 series of HD multiformat pattern generators. In addition to providing 23 different HD test patterns, the 1RU HDG-821 also has two AES audio outputs.

Lynx Technik spotlighted Testor, a palm-sized signal generator that provides digital video test patterns with embedded and external AES audio test signals.

Nevion introduced the FCS250-IP, which provides video-over-IP monitoring capabilities. The module installs into any Nevion Ventura chassis and supports full wire-speed monitoring of up to 512 IP flows on an electrical or optical network interface, simultaneously performing analysis of video-over-IP traffic on Ethernet, IP, UDP and RTP layers.

OmniTek announced the first production shipments of its OTR 1001 waveform rasterizer, which provides 3G video and audio analysis functions, as well as comprehensive full-motion signal generation and capture capability.

Danny Wilson (R) of Pixelmetrix gives a tour of the company's StationView monitoring system to Neil MacTaggart of Media Asset Capital. Photo by Dawley/KovacsPhabrix is distributed in the U.S. by Leader, and the company's products were shown at the Leader booth. Highlighting the display was the RX2000 Test & Measurement platform, which houses four modules to measure 3G, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals, with audio monitoring capability as well.

Rohde & Schwarz introduced the Vega Suite, a set of software tools for in-depth, offline analysis of media files on a PC. Used with the company's ETL TV analyzer, Vega Suite detects faults in live signals and records the faulty signal segments, and the software can analyze MPEG-2 transport streams (DVB, ATSC, ISDB) and MXF files.

Tektronix lifted the curtain on the WFM/WVR5200 waveform monitor/rasterizer. The rasterizer version fills just 1RU and a half-rack width, and provides 3G and HD/SD-SDI compatibility.


Coaxial Dynamics showed its high-power series directional RF wattmeters, including the 81100-A. By inserting a line section with a test probe into the transmission line, it can provide continuous measurement of forward and reverse power. The company has line-section wattmeters for transmission lines as large as 6-1/8 inches.

Davicom introduced the MEXM-1 expansion module for the company’s MicroMAC remote transmitter monitoring and control system.

Pixelmetrix added a Video Quality Index module to its Electronic Couch Potato monitoring system. The new VQI module detects picture impairments, macro-blocking, tiling and freeze-frames at the viewer's location, controlling the set-top box to provide automated signal performance logging. Also new was StationView, which consolidates alarms and status from up to 15 remotely located DVStation probes into a concise dashboard showing RF status, TS bandwidth alarms, transport stream health and service/content verification results.

TeamCast Solutions debuted RQX, a new product range for Quality of Service (QoS) integration in DTT networks, designed to remotely monitor and analyze RF and transport stream layers.

Z Technology showcased the DSS5800 DriveTest System with 8VSB decoding. It incorporates a swept-spectrum field-strength meter and 8VSB decoder, controlled by a laptop PC.

Bob Kovacs

Bob Kovacs is the former Technology Editor for TV Tech and editor of Government Video. He is a long-time video engineer and writer, who now works as a video producer for a government agency. In 2020, Kovacs won several awards as the editor and co-producer of the short film "Rendezvous."