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16x9 introduces EX Compact Super Fisheye

The Compact Super Fisheye is the latest addition to 16x9's growing EX Collection of high-end lens accessories.

A smaller, lighter version of the extremely wide-angle EX Super Fisheye, this new single-element fisheye adapter is crafted to meet the demands of the new higher resolution, compact HD camcorders.

Adding 0.4X magnification, the accessory expands the view of the original lens for a wide-eyed perspective that draws the eye closer to the center of the action. Images take on a convex appearance with exaggerated angles and extreme barrel distortion.

With a front diameter of 90mm, the Compact Super Fisheye is tailored to fit on smaller sized cameras like the Canon XH-A1. Mounted to the front of the XHA1 lens, it delivers a 116-degree horizontal field of view.

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