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Vizrt to introduce Viz|Video Hub plug-and-play media asset management solution at NAB2007

At NAB 2007 (Booth #SL4810), Vizrt will introduce Viz|Video Hub, a plug-and-play media asset management (MAM) solution. Based upon the technology of Ardendo's ARDOME MAM software, Viz|Video Hub provides users with direct access to stills, graphics and audio clips using search options, most recent material and pre-editing functions from a standard PC.

Viz|Video Hub integrates with existing Vizrt software such as Viz|Content Pilot content management and Viz|Trio CG. This integration makes it possible to search for video clips from graphical templates just as users would search for images or data elements from a newsroom system.

The system uses industry-standard metadata fields based upon the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI). Fields for title and a brief synopsis of the clip stored are pre-defined. Users can search with free text, Boolean commands and keywords.

The base version of comes bundled with two basic editing functions Ardendo PreCut and Ardendo EasyCut. Ardendo PreCut enables up to 20 users to simultaneously rough cut video and create new clips. The Ardendo EasyCut feature is a timeline-based video editing tool.

The Viz|Video Hub 500 configuration consists of video and image storage, a pre-packaged MAM system, a proxy transcoding server and storage for proxy video. This includes:

  • Five hundred hours of DV25 or 250 hours of IMX50 storage;
  • Transcoding capacity for up to 10 real-time DV25/DVCPRO25 streams or 10 real-time IMX50 streams;
  • Enables up to 20 concurrent Ardendo PreCut and MAM users;
  • Enables up to two concurrent Ardendo EasyCut users;
  • Supported DV25, DVCPRO, DV50, IMX30 and IMX50 video formats, with support for HD formats to follow in a future release.

The system can be upgraded through add-on modules. Up to three expansion units can be added to increase storage hours from 500 to 2000 (DV25) and increase simultaneous users from 20 to 80. Identical functionality with smaller capacity is offered in the Viz|Video Hub 40 system.

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