Vizrt delivers election results for four major networks

ABC, CBS and CNN (pictured) delivered election results in 3-D thanks to Vizrt's Viz|Engine graphics system.

ABC, CBS, CNN News Networks and FOX News Channel turned to Vizrt’s Viz|Engine to create compelling graphics illustrating the nation’s presidential race.

CNN covered this year’s election live from the NASDAQ’s Market Site video monitor wall in New York’s Times Square.

The NASDAQ video wall included a mix of 72, 40- and 50in video monitors, displaying a variety of live video, graphics and data. Vizrt provided the real-time 3-D graphics solutions for the network’s up-to-the-minute graphic production using nine Viz|Trio systems, Vizrt’s CG, and nine PC-based Viz|Engine graphics devices.

At FOX News Channel, artists used the Viz|Engine and Viz|Artist to build 3-D graphics and animations, including headshots superimposed on moving 3-D panels.

CBS and ABC dedicated more than 30 Vizrt systems, both PC- and SGI Onyx-based, to drive the 3-D election result displays, maps and graphs.

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