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ViewCast offers control software for advanced encoders

ViewCast’s Niagara SchedulStream automation software helps schedule and manage Windows Media and RealNetworks RealVideo encoding sessions. SchedulStream is an upgrade to the company’s Niagara SCX software, which provides an encoder management interface for Niagara Streaming Systems. In addition, Niagara SCX coupled with SchedulStream is compatible with all Harris media management and automation systems, leveraging the standard communications protocol for legacy broadcast studio and post-production equipment.

Niagara SchedulStream increases business productivity by enabling the remote management and scheduling of streaming and encoding servers. By using streaming templates established for specific applications, the software allows the user to optimize scheduling workflows. In addition to automating encoding schedules, SchedulStream simplifies the digital archiving of video content, allowing users to store content locally as well as through network locations.

Applications for Niagara SCX with SchedulStream include coordination of multiple encoders for training sessions; remote scheduling of classroom or conference room encoding; scheduling batch encoding for broadband; dial-up, and mobile customers; and the simultaneous encoding of Windows Media and RealNetworks formats for distance learning applications.

Niagara SchedulStream is included as a standard feature on all new Niagara Streaming Systems. The Niagara SchedulStream upgrade is available for users with installed Niagara Streaming Systems.

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