Vendor View, Adam Schadle, Video Clarity

Expected Tech Trends: Last year we saw the advent of some 4K production and monitoring solutions, but there were no real distribution methods. At this year's show we expect to see practical demonstrations of real-time transmission hardware using HEVC encoding at 4K resolution. We'll also see new HEVC encoding solutions with an emphasis on economic gain, such as lower bit rates, for current HD satellite, terrestrial and IP delivery.

New at IBC:At IBC2014, we'll demonstrate a new way to measure video quality with incrementally higher accuracy against subjective studies and methods. This measurement is called Motion-based Video Integrity Evaluation (MOVIE), and when it's applied in the ClearView Analyzer products it brings us closer than ever to a true human perception score. MOVIE does this by taking temporal and spatially created artifacts into account for compressed video sequences as compared with source content.

We will also introduce a new portable and cost-effective video quality analyzer that enables 4K record, playback, and analysis for network endpoint devices.

Initial thoughts on 4K and even 8K:A first-version form of 4K is here. We're already seeing the emergence of 4K cameras, monitors, encoding technologies, and file formats, and also the means for 4K distribution. Certainly there's more development and testing to be done before anyone will be able to launch actual on-air 4K television channels. However, there's growing commitment to 4K or UHD as a format, and widespread deployment is becoming more of a possibility every day. The next challenges for 4K will be finding ways to insert a wider colour range and higher frame rates into the format and products, which will be critical for enabling a deployable 4K broadcast chain.

We believe 8K is and will remain a special format for large-venue applications, but the alluring characteristics of the format are driving companies to develop 8K for more widespread use.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: Café Loetje. Great steak, frites and beer…

How many IBCs, best trade show tip: I've attended at least eight IBCs, sprinkled over the 20 years I've been in this exciting business. My best tip is to pace yourself - it's a long show.