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University of Chicago provides video files of lectures to business students

The University of Chicago is deploying a new video network to improve information dissemination for its business school students.

The school’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) is using Encode/Logger and Web-Express products from VideoBank at the school's Hyde Park Center to record classroom lecturers and guest speakers and then make those recordings available to students via the Web.

Twelve classrooms at the GSB Hyde Park Center now include integrated cameras for classroom recording. Video from the cameras is captured in MPEG format by the VideoBank Encode/Logger and then transcoded, usually to Windows Media format, for the Web playback application. During recording, technicians log descriptive information about the specific lecture, such as the class number, professor, subject matter, etc., which is attached as metadata to the recording for easy search and retrieval of the material by students later. Video file storage is provided by a Dell server, with 500GB online storage and a terabyte offline.

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