Terayon unveils MPEG-4/AVC ad insertion and splicing system

Advanced video codec support is now included the DM 6400 Network CherryPicker

Terayon Communication Systems’ DM 6400 Network CherryPicker digital video networking platform now supports the MPEG-4/AVC format and enables standards-based digital program insertion and splicing of programming in the MPEG-4/AVC format.

The DM 6400 supports the coexistence of MPEG-4/AVC and MPEG-2 content within the same platform and on the same ASI or IP-based network. This flexibility facilitates migration to MPEG-4/AVC. MPEG-4/AVC capabilities will be being offered as a software upgrade to its current DM 6400.

DM 6400 Network CherryPicker utilizes advanced ASIC chips designed for the computational requirements of compressed digital video for both SD and HD digital video services.

For more information, visit www.terayon.com.

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