Telstra selects Media Global Links

Media Links has announced the completion of a contract with Telstra (opens in new tab), a leading telecommunications and information services company in Australia. Media Links will help build Telstra's next-generation digital video network for broadcasting.

The contract names Media Global Links as the main contractor to supply advanced network management software, installation services, operational support and continuous system maintenance, as well as the delivery of an MD8000 media transport system.

The project will fully replace the existing digital video network and cover hundreds of locations across Australia, which will take approximately two years to complete.

Media Global Links registered and established a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia in June 2011 for business promotion in the region. The Australian economy has been growing steadily in recent years, and the future of the market is seen as significant. By carrying out this project, Media Global Links is building its business base in Australia and aims to further expand its business overseas.