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SSL introduces new software package for C10 HD console

Solid State Logic recently announced a major software upgrade intended to augment the functionality of its C10 HD broadcast console.

“As the C10’s popularity continues to grow around the world, we have listened to feedback from our users for the V4 system upgrade,” says Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SSL, Inc. “The new V4 Software introduces a substantial collection of features which streamline workflow for operators, and we are confident these will keep the console in its sector-leading position in the coming years.”

New features include “Function Key Macros,” which allow the user to reduce the number of physical steps required to achieve tasks,”HyperRoute,” designed to improve the console’s routing, and “Assignable Delay Modules,” which make it easier to integrate external sources into live-to-air fees. “Control Surface Screen Saver” extends the operational life of the console control surface by switching off all of the OLED displays and screens when not in use.

A complete list of the new software’s functions can be found on the SSL web site