Sprint introduces new TV cell phone

Sprint has introduced a new Samsung cell phone that delivers video from CNN, NBC Universal, FOX Sports, The Weather Channel, E! and others at 15 frames per second.

Previously, wireless phones have displayed video at speeds of only one or two frames a second. The new model allows cell phone users to watch video similar to the streaming video quality found on the Internet.

Sprint TV, the mobile provider’s video service, will include more than 600 clips per day in news, sports, entertainment and weather. Usage is unlimited and is not metered by minutes or kilobits.

The service is available on the Samsung MMA700, which is sold in Sprint stores. The phone includes a media player and is designed to have three times the processing power of previous phones.

Sprint TV's basic cable package costs $9.95 per month and includes content from NBC, FOX Sports, The Weather Channel and other networks. Premium channels from CNN, E! and others cost an additional $4.95 per month.

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