SignPost selects AmberFin's iCR

SignPost, the UK’s leading supplier of British Sign Language (BSL) on-screen services and part of leading commercial UK broadcaster ITV, has positioned AmberFin iCR at the heart of its new high-definition file-based production and delivery workflow.

As part of ITV’s wider five-year transformation plan, SignPost’s work with AmberFin will help the facility to migrate from a standard-definition tape-based infrastructure to a new HD file-based workflow. Using this new streamlined working environment, SignPost is providing content for all distribution platforms, including television, video, DVD, film, the Internet and mobile apps.

At SignPost’s Gateshead headquarters, the iCR system is being used in a number of different operating modes. Initially, it was employed in a media file playback and capture function to replicate existing VTR to VTR workflows. Subsequently, further functionality has been added, including file ‘split and stitch,’ format transcode and SD/HD standards conversion operations.

Initially, SignPost was attracted to AmberFin iCR since it was one of very few systems that worked well with its chosen Digital Production Partnership file format — AVC-I Op1a MXF. Also, it offers other required functionality such as a fully licensed Harding FPA algorithm — a software solution that is used to analyze video content for flashing and stationary patterns, which may cause harm to those who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

Alongside this advanced functionality, SignPost decided that iCR possesses a better user interface than rival systems, and it recognized that the technology represents a more cost-effective solution to its overall needs.