Sharp develops new LCD screen

Sharp released its new 65-inch LCD TV, setting a new standard for LCD screen size in the marketplace.

Sharp's AQUOS LCD color television is setting a new standard for LCDs.

Sharp has developed a 65-vertical-inch AQUOS LCD color television, one of the industry's first and world’s largest TV. The TV's full-spec, high-definition, 6.22-million-dot panel is manufactured at the Kameyama Japan Factory.

The 45-vertical-inch TV is a quantum leap in screen size – well beyond what many thought was the limit for LCDs.

Since developing the 14-vertical-inch LCD color display in 1988, Sharp has continued to introduce screens of increasing size – a 28-vertical-inch LCD TV in April 2000, a 30-vertical-inch LCD TV in November 2001 and a 37-vertical-inch LCD TV in November 2002. A 45-vertical-inch digital high-definition LCD TV released in August 2004 has proven more popular than expected, the company said, demonstrating a substantial market for LCD TVs with screens 50-vertical-inch and larger that are on Sharp’s drawing boards for 2005.

However, LCD TVs account for only an estimated small percentage of worldwide TV and monitor sales in 2004, with the lion’s share of the large-screen market dominated by rear-projection and plasma monitors.

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