Service measures in-store signage campaigns

One missing link for large-scale digital signage deployment has been the ability to quickly and finely measure its impact at the point-of-sale. While Nielsen research and numerous other studies sponsored by retailers and network operators have documented the efficacy and investment payoff of in-store narrowcasting, this sort of measurement is retrospective rather than real-time. Moreover, other than validating that signage has impact, research-based measurement is limited in its ability to “deconstruct shopper response in a granular enough way to make it actionable,” said Tom Opdycke, president and CEO of DS-IQ, in a recent interview with Digital Signage Update.

To address this measurement gap, DS-IQ recently introduced its Digital Signage Marketing Performance (DSMP) service. The Web-based hosted application service automatically measures and analyzes in-store digital ad campaigns. DS-IQ’s Web service uses machine learning to isolate the sales impact of multiple variables such as creative, ad length, day-parting, or sign placement. Charts and dashboards present detailed results, in real time, allowing marketers to track campaigns from their desktop, make rapid content modifications when appropriate, and use analysis for micro-targeting of content all the way down to store and in-store location levels.

Opdycke said his firm has spent three years in development of its Web-based application, with a development team that included the creator of the Microsoft Update infrastructure. The DS-IQ hosting environment provides enterprise-class data security and the ability to scale in support of large retail signage networks. The service masks the operational complexity of retail chains’ in-store networks and is “platform-agnostic” – it can interface with most signage and POS networks via open application programming interfaces.

The signage analytical system has been tested in numerous retail locations in partnership with an as-yet undisclosed consumer packaged goods category leader, who Opdycke says was pleased with the capability to measure signage performance metrics including at the SKU, brand, and category levels.

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