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SeaChange's Axiom Software showcased at NCTA Show

At the recent NCTA National Show in Atlanta, SeaChange demonstrated how its Axiom Open Suite can help operators extend the on-demand experience to mobile devices through IP video transport streams over cell networks, WiFi, and high-speed data connections.

Axiom Open Suite manages sessions and resources for all video network functions, including streaming and application network services, ensuring that bandwidth is optimized and providing seamless access for applications.

A technology demonstration featured a single SeaChange VOD system integrating end-to-end capabilities to fully automate content preparation and management for secure real-time streaming to mobile phones, PDAs and laptops, and download services to Apple iPods and Sony PlayStation portables.

While mobility requires a range of video formats, codecs and bit rates, Axiom together with SeaChange's QuickSilver Content Composer generates and manages multiple renditions of video assets formatted to meet individual mobile device requirements.

Renditions include purpose-built content such as mobisodes for PDAs and full-length productions for television. The QuickSilver-Axiom combination will also help to enable time-shifted television on mobile devices, automatically transcoding broadcast television and placing content onto servers for immediate playout in dozens of formats.

SeaChange's comprehensive support of video and network standards will also encompass the developing IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards to help accelerate the addition of wireless video delivery to its customers' on-demand business.

SeaChange also showed its memory server, another building block in the company's strategy to help operators gain the advantages of memory and disk, including operators looking to enhance their server-based deployments.

The SeaChange MediaServer MDS 200 establishes the industry's cost-performance benchmark, supporting stream intensive time-shifted television and the storage intensive long tail of rapidly growing content libraries. SeaChange's software optimizes the mix of disk and memory resources through memory aware propagation to stream on-demand's hottest titles directly from RAM and the remainder from less expensive disks.

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