SeaChange introduces Video-on-Demand ad system

SeaChange’s Media Cluster server technology is key to a new solution that looks to attract advertising opportunities in on-demand television — including targeted advertising delivery with “ZIP-plus-four” precision.

SeaChange International has introduced a new solution to capture advertising opportunities in on-demand television — including targeted advertising delivery with “ZIP-plus-four” precision.

Available this summer, the SeaChange on-demand advertising solution lets network operators begin inserting advertisements into individual on-demand streams. The solution integrates with existing video-on-demand systems, initially enabling ad insertions at the beginning and end of streamed programs.

It also provides in-depth reporting on aggregate set-top activity — view, rewind, pause, fast-forward — during ads. It includes stream splicing and execution automation to ensure that ads are inserted with high-quality video and audio and are measured with “atomic precision.”

Operators can begin on-demand advertising by enabling their clients to “bookend” VOD programs with ads. Early versions of system will enable targeting of viewers at the ZIP-plus-four level. Follow-up versions will take targeting to the household level.

The system dynamically places ads into on-demand programs, distributing orders and aggregating reports across VOD operations. It automatically ingests ads from spot libraries, prepares them for dynamic insertion and orders placement based on time and categories, including program, genre, network/content source, zone or ZIP-plus-four.

It provides a view of VOD ad inventory, defining breaks and avails for groups of on-demand programming and indicates undersold and oversold avails. It also reports VOD trick mode activity during ad viewing, which is tracked independently of on-demand program reporting.

Comprised of ad management software, playlist automation service, ad placement service, splicing algorithms and reporting enhancements, the system provides fully dynamic ad insertion, selecting ads as streams begin to play. All decisions and insertions are unique by stream and the reporting provides full details of the aggregate behavior for every stream element.

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