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ScheduALL offers enterprise scheduling and resource management

A new software interface allows ScheduALL’s resource manager application to easily connect with and control external hardware and software sources.

The latest version of ScheduALL’s scheduling and resource management software Suite, which includes ScheduALL, ScheduLINK and NewsPLAN, offers significant enhancements in performance and connectivity. Version 4.46 provides an integrated scheduling, workflow, transmission and operations management solution for use in broadcast television, film and corporate production environments.

ScheduALL 4.46 offers enhancements in .NET development to enable users to quickly and easily design custom interfaces that can be easily and efficiently integrated into existing broadcast operations.

Another key feature is a Universal Interface Agent to Network Management Systems (NMS) and Monitoring and Control Systems (M&C). These interfaces allow ScheduALL to easily interconnect with and control external hardware and software sources such as automated broadcast workflow and distribution solutions.

The agent communicates over a TCP/IP networks using the XML messaging and provides a flexible communications solution between platforms. Already deployed at a number of major broadcasters, the NMS interface bridges the gap between systems like ScheduALL and IT/engineering systems in order to facilitate new workflow automation opportunities.

Additional functionality available with ScheduALL includes:

  • A Microsoft Outlook interface where ScheduALL can send calendar events to Outlook using exchange server. This allows ScheduALL users to share information with a broad base of workgroups by bringing its data into Outlook's familiar environment.
  • A new Time Capture module where users can quickly log production staff efforts and reconcile them to a given project in real-time. This improves the accuracy in controlling workflow and assigning operational efforts to specific cost centers.
  • Access to library/vaults via the Web using the .NET interface.
  • Improved SAP interface for back office connectivity.
  • Improved Avid unity interface for front end workflow control.

There’s also complete control over existing modules, such as pricing and discounting, forward looking conflict warning, complex work order processing and advanced filtering views, work order quick launch from calendar views, resource setup tracking with audit trails, price freezing, e-mail reports export to XML and more project-based reports.

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