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ScheduALL, Ardendo standardize WBU-ISOG metadata

Ardendo’s Ardome system

ScheduALL presented its interface to Ardendo’s Ardome system at the World Broadcasting Unions’ (WBU) International Satellite Operations Group (ISOG) conference hosted by the BBC in London last November.

This presentation displayed a working prototype integrating the WBU-ISOG’s exchange metadata set for international broadcast contribution — also adopted by the EBU as part of its P/META v1.3 specification — with a program exchange between Ardendo’s media asset management system and ScheduALL’s transmission scheduling system, ScheduLINK.

Ardome assigned metadata to a stored video, which was then set for transmission. This automatically created a transmission order in the ScheduALL database. The order was then populated with the specific metadata information that originated in the Ardome system. The ScheduALL order also allows the user to view a proxy version of the video asset.

ScheduLINK can also be integrated to network or satellite management systems for real-time automated connection, transmission and feedback. ScheduALL technology also allows for direct communication with ingest, production, and playout systems. This enables real-time tracking and control of content workflow.

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