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RGB Networks’ Modular Video Processor inserts ads into MPEG-4 video streams

At the TelcoTV Conference & Expo in Atlanta Oct. 25, RGB Networks demonstrated how telecom carriers can use the company's new Modular Video Processor (MVP) to insert local ads into their IPTV services. RGB showcased its MVP seamlessly inserting ads into MPEG-4/H.264 video streams.

In the demonstration, the MVP requested and received ads from a C-COR n5 video and ad server. The MVP spliced the ads into the programs at precisely the right time. Complimenting the accuracy of its insertions, the MVP also uses zoned ad insertion capabilities to enable telecom carriers to deliver ads to specific geographic areas.

Another feature of the MVP is its support for both MPEG-4/H.264 and MPEG-2. While many operators have already deployed an MPEG-4 infrastructure, by supporting both standards, telcos with existing MPEG-2 deployments can use the MVP to continue delivering MPEG-2 services as they transition to MPEG-4/H.264.

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