Qualcomm subsidiary to support mobile multimedia

Qualcomm’s new MediaFLO USA “mediacasting” network will give terrestrial broadcasters, cable and satellite TV operators and other content providers a new distribution channel.

Qualcomm has announced a subsidiary to deploy and operate a nationwide “mediacast” network, delivering many channels of high-quality video and audio programming to third-generation mobile phones at mass market prices.

MediaFLO USA, the new venture, intends to provide interactive multimedia services to consumers in cooperation with U.S. cellular operators. MediaFLO USA was structured as a subsidiary because Qualcomm said it intends ultimately to spin off its ownership of the business to its shareholders.

Qualcomm intends to offer the network as a shared resource for U.S. CDMA2000 and WCDMA (UMTS) cellular operators, enabling them to deliver mobile interactive multimedia to their wireless subscribers without the cost of network deployment and operation.

Subscribers will have access to a broad range of content from the entertainment industry’s media companies. MediaFLO USA will aggregate and distribute the content that is available to all MediaFLO partners and will provide seamless integration of this content with content that individual operators provide to maintain their competitive differentiation.

The system will give TV stations and networks, cable TV and satellite operators and networks and other content providers a new distribution channel that complements their current offerings, enabling them to reach their audiences when they are away from home and on the go.

The nationwide mediacasting network will deliver multimedia content to wireless mobile devices in the 700MHz spectrum for which Qualcomm holds licenses. The network will support 50-100 national and local content channels, including up to 15 live streaming channels and numerous clip-cast and audio channels.

For more information, visit www.qualcomm.com/mediaflo.

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