PPM launches new RF over fiber-optic wavelength division multiplexing product platform

PPM Limited has launched a new wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) suite of products to enhance its Vialite RF fiber-optic connectivity platform. This development in the design of RF fiber-optic transport networks delivers enhanced transmission performance at minimal bandwidth costs.

Connectivity solutions from PPM that incorporate Vialite WDM technology support optical transmission networks for satellite, broadcast, instrumentation and signal distribution markets. The WDM platform allows protocol-transparent combination and separation of multiple wavelength channels, effectively using the extensive bandwidth of standard ITU G.652 single-mode optical fiber.

PPM's Vialite WDM product suite offers 1310nm/1550nm WDM for bi-directional RF transport over a single fiber, and an ITU-T G.694.2 eight-channel coarse-WDM (CWDM) multiplexer and demultiplexer for ergonomic network transport and distribution of multiple wavelength services and payloads. The Vialite WDM platform is modular and compact in design.

WDM technology when used in conjunction with PPM's Vialite fiber-optic links, enables:

  • Delay-matching in GPS distribution links
  • Reduced fiber-count for broadcast antenna-remoting applications using diversity reception
  • Upgrade of existing satellite teleport equipment using pre-existing fiber cabling
  • Reduced dark fiber leasing costs for system integrators

For more information, visit www.ppm.co.uk/ and www.vialite.co.uk/.