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“OnDemandies” winners announced

With over 1400 industry voters participating in the nominating process, the winners of the “OnDemandies” awards were announced March 31 at Digital Hollywood Spring in Santa Monica, CA.

The OnDemand Industry Innovation Award winner was Apple Computer and iTunes, while the OnDemand Programming Innovation Award went to AOL Music On Demand.

The OnDemand Technology Innovation Award for Cable, Satellite, Telco went to TiVo. The Innovation in OnDemand & DTV Cable, Satellite or Telco, Broadband Movie Service was awarded to Movielink.

NASCAR on TV, DTV and Online won the Innovation in OnDemand & DTV Cable, Satellite or Telco Broadband Sports Service award, while Apple’s iTunes again won Best Broadband Music or Information Service.

Among the other winners were CNN Newspass for Best Broadband On-Demand Streaming and/or Download Video Service; ABC News Digital Media Group for Best New Video On Demand Technology; and Tivo for Best Overall PVR Technology. Comcast won for Best Total On-Demand Offering by an Operator.

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