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Omneon to show several new products at BroadcastAsia2005

Omneon's Migrate Tool

Omneon will show in Asia for the first time the latest version of its video server, which features integrated capability for the simultaneous playback of HD and SD content on either the same channel or independent channels.

This is made possible with the introduction of the MultiPort 4100 Series, a new family of interface devices for MPEG-2 decoding that can support simultaneous playback of both SD and HD MPEG-2 material.

The new MultiPort 4100 Series modules for the Omneon SPECTRUM feature outputs for two synchronized channels: one for HD and another for SD. Each has been built from a single timeline that can originate from either SD or HD material (or both).

The MultiPort 4100 Series can be added to any existing SPECTRUM media server to add integrated HD playout capabilities. It can simultaneously store and playback both SD and HD content.

Other new products include:

  • MigrateTool - convert legacy video server formats to the open QuickTime format used by Omneon systems.
  • MultiPort 4000 Series - family of HD MPEG decoders for integrated playback of HD material ingested into an Omneon SPECTRUM media server.
  • MediaPort 4010 - provides an input interface for HD material by ingesting an incoming ASI-based transport stream and demuxing the content into HD MPEG essence material.

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