Nugen Audio Introduces Plug-ins Aimed At CALM Act Compliance

Nugen Audio, has developed several new plug-ins intended to help content providers and broadcasters comply with the CALM Act. These products are available in both stereo and 5.1 formats.

The LM-Correct is an integrated, short-term, and true-peak loudness correction for Avid editors. This audio suite plug-in is designed to offer automatic, faster-than-real-time loudness analysis and correction within Avid edit systems, including MediaComposer, Pro Tools and NewsCutter. 

The LMB batch-processing loudness correction tool for high-throughput applications is an off-line, file-based loudness analysis and correction program designed for rapid assessment and correction of files for loudness and true-peak content to ITU-R BS. 1770/1, ITU-R BS. 1770-02, and EBU R128-based specifications.