New Products - World Edition


Proximity Artbox: Integrates format conversion, storage, workflow management, and search and retrieval of artwork (video, graphics, script or audio) into one interface for post-production; interfaces with current and legacy equipment from multiple hardware and software manufacturers, including Adobe, Avid, Chyron, Discreet, Leitch, Omneon, Pinnacle, Quantel, Sundance and Thomson Grass Valley.


Gee Broadcast Geevs XT: Features five levels: a single-channel server that provides clip capture, management and playout; a digital or analog, multichannel server that operates in MJPEG, DV or MPEG-2 formats on the Geevs V4 platform; a DV dual-channel server with MXF compatibility; an optimized production server for use with the Lightworks Touch nonlinear editor; and an uncompressed server available with 10-bit or 8-bit picture quality.
+44 1256 810123;


Pro-Bel Masterpiece: Features a new HD mixer that can either be purchased new or as an upgrade for the TX520; mixer can be used to upgrade existing SD video mixers; benefits from two keyers, with the ability to place a DVE into the signal chain before or after either keyer.
+ 44 118 986 6123;


Doremi Labs HDVI-20: Converts SDI video and DVI-D to DVI; supports all SDI video formats; provides picture-in-picture display, on-screen menus and an infrared remote to switch between its four input formats.
+33 492 952 830;


OmniBus' Intake: Deploy either as part of an end-to-end OmniBus newsroom or transmission solution or as a stand-alone product; includes manual control of tape machines and servers for ad hoc content acquisition, and an automated facility to schedule regular recurring bookings; schedule-driven tool works in conjunction with a transmission system to provide a prioritized list of content to be ingested.
+44 8705 004300;


Zandar FusionPro: Includes a range of signal input and processing cards; supports HDTV — 1080i and 720p at 60/59.94Hz and 50Hz — at all output resolutions; features input auto detection and syncs automatically to the input signal source; HD cards support SDI; SD cards support PAL, PAL-M, NTSC or SDI 525/626; computer cards sync several resolutions.
+353 1 2808 945;


Vinten Quattro S: Offers a four-stage telescopic column that eliminates the need for raised staging; eye-line shots can be achieved on or off a raised platform; triangular column design offers torsional stiffness, minimizing all unwanted rotational movement; low-pressure pneumatic system, combined with the high precision bearing configuration, provides smooth, counterbalanced elevation movement, allowing quiet and seamless on-air motion.
+44 1284 752121;


Crystal Vision HDDA104R and HDDA108R: Automatically clock to and re-clock 270Mb/s SD video and the most commonly used HD formats; four outputs are available with the HDDA104R and eight with the HDDA108R; both boards give comprehensive signal information and can be controlled and monitored using the Statesman PC control software; can handle all data rates up to 1.485Gb/s.
+44 1223 497049;


DK-Technologies PT5300: Supports all HDTV standards; is backwards compatible with DK's existing SDI and analog sync video generators; an optimal combination of factory fit options is provided with feature upgrade paths; design allows for a high degree of configuration flexibility.
+ 45 44 85 02 55;


Panasonic AJ-SDC615: Offers high-sensitivity 520,000 pixel, 2/3-inch 3-CCDs and a built-in IEEE 1394 interface; is switchable between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios; provides 750 lines of resolution, a high 63dB signal-to-noise ratio, a high sensitivity of F13 at 2000 lux, and low-light shooting down to 0.1 lux (at +48dB) with minimal smear; features 12-bit A/D DSP circuits; includes Shockless White Balance.
+44 8700 100 464;


Euphonix System 5-MC: Is based on the Euphonix System 5 compatible control surface; features eight to 48 channel strips each with eight knobs, moving fader and TFT display; includes MC Intelligent Application Controller for master control functions; has two expandable frame options; features Studio Monitor Pro for surround sound monitor control; interfaces to industry standard ASIO and WDM compliant I/O hardware; uses the EuCon control surface protocol for tight and fast integration with the DAW.
+44 20 7267 1226;


Leitch CCS-TRAX: Integrates the operation of routers and processing products into a single control interface; is a key component of the Integrated Content Environment product platform; features a complete system of hardware control panels and software applications that control and monitor CCS-enabled and SNMP-enabled devices on a network from anywhere in the world.
+44 1344 44 60 00;


Junger Audio Level Magic: Adjust audio levels from any source at any time; dial the operating level and peak level once; provides continuous control, regardless of the source; will be offered in three different hardware solutions.
+49 30 6777210;


Dayang Magic Wall: Is a 16-channel television channel monitor; includes individually adjustable screens accommodating four, eight or 16 simultaneous displays in 4:3 and/or 16:9 aspect ratio; operator-selectable features include screen-side audio bargraphs, channel tally, logo and clock; customized settings can be stored and transferred.
+852 2730 2117;


Pixel Power Control Centre: Implements a MOS gateway for graphics workflow integration between newsroom systems and Clarity graphics devices; manages and builds the back-end graphic asset database used by the Pixel Browser Web Client and newsroom ActiveX controls.
+44 1223 721000;


Teko Telecom DVB-T Agile Gap Filler: Is designed with a digital IF filter; is equipped with a wideband (50MHz to 860MHz) extended range input stage; includes up- and downconverters with VHF or UHF 2Wrms output; includes integrated group delay and amplitude digital equalizer; managed locally and remotely via the RS-232/485 ports and through the Ethernet port equipped with a WEB server/SNMP agent.
+39 051 6256148;