Automation and playout platform includes more than 130 new features, such as advanced aspect ratio control with AFD insertion, BXF schedule import, enhanced CG capability and closed-captioning functionality, support for copy guard data insertion, additional bit rate support for Dolby D, and schedule preview control; allows broadcasters to mix both media formats and resolutions in the same schedule; broadcast HD, SD and lower bit rates can be mixed within a single schedule and are automatically up- or downconverted by iTX; can be used for Internet TV and streaming delivery applications.
+44 8705 004 300;

Stratix V FPGA family

Family of field-programmable gate arrays offers up to 1.6Tb/s of serial switching capability; provides up to 1.1 million logic elements, 53Mb embedded memory, 3680 18 × 18 multiplexers and integrated transceivers operating up to 28Gb/s; family includes four variants; V GT FPGA integrates 28Gb/s transceivers targeting 100G systems and beyond; V GX FPGA supports applications with 600Mb/s to 12.5Gb/s transceivers; V GS FPGA is optimized for high-performance DSP applications with 600Mb/s to 12.5Gb/s transceivers; V E FPGA is designed for ASIC prototyping, emulation or high-performance computing applications.
+44 1494 602000;


LTO-5 archive appliance offers 1.5TB of storage; provides faster archiving speeds and extends the economic advantages of data tape; allows users to create source masters in acquisition workflows when using the new memory card or disk-based cameras; writes on LTO tape cartridges using the TAR format; can be deployed into Windows, Mac OS and Unix environments; enables direct access to archived data from any platform with simultaneous multiuser access and volume sharing; can be upgraded to control robotic libraries.

Analog Way

Multilayer mixer/scaler/seamless switcher offers up to 12 inputs, including four fitted with SDI and two fitted with DVI-D; outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats from HDTV to computer 2K; operates in multilayer mixer, 12 × 2 seamless native matrix and QuadraVision modes; multilayer mixer can display up to six layers (three live sources, one frame and two logos) as well as two PIPs on a live background or three PIPs on a still background, in addition to a number of effects; QuadraVision mode enables the display of four computer or video sources on the main output according to four different preprogrammed presets with different window sizes and positions available.
+33 1 64 47 14

360 Systems

Reference recorder provides lossless recording and playback of many HD video formats, including paired channels for 3-D; accepts images in any color space with 8, 10 or 12 bits; doesn't compress the image; two channels can be used for independent HD-SDI streams, as a 3-D pair or as a single 3G channel, and two recorders can be synchronized for dual-3G operation; features HDMI monitor outputs, 16 channels of 24-bit audio, slow motion, nine-pin control, LTC time code, file trimming and playlisting.
+1 818 735

Marshall Electronics

High-quality 3-D digital processor can be used with any size 3-D monitor or TV set with HDMI and DVI inputs; features four HD-SDI inputs, which enable the switching between two 3-D (left eye/right eye) HD-SDI signals; can support in-monitor display functions through RS-422/RS-485 connections; is rack-mountable.
+1 310 333 0606;

Band Pro

Standard Canon 7D camera is permanently retrofitted with a one-piece lens/sensor/base mounting element of steel; comes with a one-year limited warranty from FGV Schmidle; mirror and optical viewfinder are removed and original sensor block is reconnected with the one-piece 3/8in threaded steel mounting bracket and PL lens mount; features a three-pin Fischer connector to enable start/stop control when using a handgrip system or remote camera controls; uses an APS-C sensor; accepts most PL lenses.
+49 89 945 48 490;

iPharro Media
MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0

Content identification-based solution can be seamlessly integrated into any re-existing workflow or serve as the engine behind any new content identification-based application; built upon adaptive video fingerprinting technology, which allows customized tailoring of content indexing and identification; enables users to track, identify and control media from creation through distribution across multiple platforms; introduces a Web services API that enables the integration of the platform with third-party systems and applications; features a hot folder interface to streamline operations through rapid ingest and analysis of large volumes of data.
+49 6151 8509 0;


CG solution provides fast access to multiple graphics on a remote system without requiring the user to log in to a PC; enables broadcast users to keep viewers up to date with the latest news regardless of the time of day or number of staff at the facility; templates can be customized for news, sports, weather or other types of information; features LCD keycaps with multiple colors and custom text labels to ensure accurate graphics playout.
+1 949 585 0055;

Freestyle Rig

Part of the 3-D Stereo Rig product family; offers a professional solution for stereoscopic camera movement; features maximum stiffness and dimensional stability even under heat; has a lightweight, slim and compact design for mobility and portability, integrated motorization for optimal balance and complete adjustability; can carry a wide range of professional lenses and cameras up to 7kg per camera setup; can be equipped for shoulder, crane and dolly use with range of ergonomic mounting accessories.
+49 89 45 09 82

MediaHawk VX

Software solution for delivering multiscreen video enables service and content providers to deliver commercial video to any device over any network from a unified, hardware-agnostic platform; features include integrated streaming and download delivery, support for Web and wireless connected devices, origin server, content delivery and edge caching functionality, 3-D content support, and support for multiple hardware platforms.
+49 89 85603 0;

Archion Technologies

Multiplatform, shared-storage product is a turnkey, self-contained, hardware RAID-based system that offers a streamlined workflow with the flexibility of multiwrite OSX, Windows and Linux across standard Ethernet networks; available in 8TB, 12TB, 16TB and 32TB configurations; supports demanding ProRes or DNX workflows with 300MB/s minimum in the standard configuration with an aggregate throughput of up to 650MB in the larger port configuration; upgradable to 10GigE.
+1 818 840 0777;

Geevs 5.0

Multichannel ingest and playout solution features a new user interface, sports client application and edit while capture; supports 32-bit and Dolby E audio, as well as AVI, QuickTime, MXF containers, DNxHD, ProRes, XDCAM and all standard broadcast formats; offers synchronized multicam ingest; provides a flexible set of tools for broadcasters, including XML API, VDCP, MOS, router control, graphic overlays and GPI triggers for integration with external controllers or vision mixers.
+44 20 7183

Front Porch Digital

Advanced service-oriented architecture framework for DIVArchive content storage management solution leverages best practices from IT enterprise architectural design to simplify DIVArchive's integration of third-party products for control and content exchange; built around an enterprise service bus; allows other service-based technologies to integrate into DIVArchive directly.
+33 4 50 88 37 70;

Riedel Communications
RRCS 2.0

Router control software provides a universal XML interface to enable third-party router control systems to control Riedel Artist intercom systems; features an expanded set of XML commands for the software to allow for an even deeper integration of external third-party control systems and Artist; includes highly flexible control surfaces and intuitive shortcuts; provides a powerful assignment tool for conferences, panels, external four-wires, IFBs and program signals, including gain settings.
+49 202 292 90;

Digital Vision

Updated color grading and image enhancement solution includes toolset with advanced tracking and new keyer, color and editorial tools; features stereoscopic grading toolset, RED Rocket hardware accelerator card and Mysterium-X sensor support, full Avid workflow integration (including Unity ISIS and Interplay), native and nondestructive open EXR and high dynamic range grading, telecine machine and picture control, and native camera support for all major digital cameras.
+1 44 20 7734


Wireless digital audio transceiver combines wireless transmission, recording and remote-control receiving functions in a single cost-effective system; features a 100 percent digital, fully encrypted transmission and internal time code-referenced audio recorder that backs up all wireless transmissions on a removable microSD card; housed in a high-strength, impact-resistant nylon polymer casing that provides protection from corrosion and water damage.
+1 973 835 5000;


A cost-effective suite of fiber-optic and Ethernet transmission products; consists of digital encoded fiber-optic video multiplexers, serial data products, Ethernet media converters and a new Ethernet over coaxial cable (VDSL) product.
+44 113 307 6400;


Biamplified active monitoring system contains proprietary drivers, advanced power amplifiers, active crossover filters and protection circuitry; enclosed in a die-cast aluminum Minimum Diffraction Enclosure; incorporates Directivity Control Waveguide, which provides a smooth on- and off-axis response; features a 3in bass driver with a 3/4in high-frequency driver, free-field frequency response of 74Hz to 18kHz (+/- 2.5dB), maximum peak SPL output per pair of 102dB, and 12W amplifier-powered bass and treble drivers.
+358 17 83881;

RF Central
Modular Mobile RF Platform

Broadcast ENG news vehicle includes a truck chassis based on Ford's Transit Connect; features an 1800W inverter, Wilburt Nightscan antenna mast, full-width removable rack with 27 rack units, comfortable seating for two with a fold-down bench for editing, an integrated I/O panel, an omni/high-gain microwave antenna with pan and tilt unit, and the availability for an in-dash 3G/4G computer system.
+1 717 249 4900;

RadiantGrid Technologies
StationReady Platform

Workflow system includes multiplatform transcoding, media transformation templates, archive management, resource management, closed-captioning and ancillary data management, a BXF integration module for traffic integration and multichannel audio management as an option; accepts many broadcast media essence and ingestion container formats; can deliver content to playout servers, broadband, mobile, cable and broadcast formats and standards; manages assets' metadata as well as the physical location of the files; can ingest content in a batch mode, index metadata and generate any required mezzanine files.
+1 703 338 5493;

OCZ Technology

Portable solid-state drive features USB 3.0 interface and up to 260MB/s read and 200MB/s write speeds; available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities.
+31 182


Production system simplifies workflows by automatically harvesting and clearly presenting key metadata such as format, bit rate, resolution and aspect ratio; features intelligent rules and notifications that facilitate the movement of media through workflows with minimal manual intervention; formats content as required for the next step or user in the workflow.
+44 1256 347 400;


ENG-style, remote-controlled lighting unit comes with remote, lighting unit and stand; can be AC or DC powered; features interchangeable bulbs that can be easily changed out in the field and are available in daylight spot, daylight flood, tungsten spot and tungsten flood varieties.
+1 713 272 8822;


Storage system comprises five enterprise-class SATA drives or solid-state drives and a single 4Gb/s Fibre Channel host interface; offers a capacity of up to 10TB of storage with more than 20 hours of uncompressed, 10-bit HD video footage; supports real-time HD and SD applications, including single, 10-bit 1080i; features a processing rate of 400MB/s, RAID 5 striping technology, several layers of built-in redundancy, SATA drive hot swap, an LED drive mismatch warning when drives are removed and reinstalled incorrectly, and RAIDWatch, which runs continuously and silently without impacting performance.
+1 818 701

Roland Systems Group

Video field converter supports conversion from SD-SDI to DV format (25Mb/s) and 12/9/2Mb/s MPEG-2 TS; features bidirectional video conversion between HD/SD-SDI and MPEG-2 TS/HDV/DDV, a portable and lightweight design, HDMI output for monitoring, and external/internal battery support.
+44 1792 702701;


Compact, high-power, all-environment 18in subwoofer has a frequency response of less than 100Hz, a power rating of 1250W continuous and high SPL; offered in a powered configuration featuring a 1600W amplifier module based on PowerChiton technology; features weatherproof construction due to IP56-rated protection, driver treatments and self-draining cabinets; available in 14 custom, molded-in colors.
+1 617 535

Carl Zeiss
Compact Prime CP.2

Cine lenses offer interchangeable mounts that allow the lenses to be used with a range of cameras; available with PL, EF and F mounts; can be upgraded to existing or future cine and still cameras while enabling users to keep the same set of lenses; housing dimensions, focus and iris gear position and front diameter are the same for the standard lens set; features longer focus rotation and manual focus option; covers a full-frame 24 × 36 image format without vignetting; based on a common aperture of T2.1 for the standard set.
+49 7364 206175;


Camera accessory mounting system allows users to attach a large array of production tools to a DSLR camera without compromising the camera's shoe mount; base frame has threaded holes in 1/4 × 20 and 3/8 × 16 sizes and 23 standard shoe mounts for customization; frame attaches to the camera via quick-release mechanism; additional threaded holes on the base accept tripod mounting brackets; angled design enables large, heavy accessories to be centered over the camera.
+1 760 727