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CBT Systems On-Air light: features traditional sand casting, buffed aluminum housing and plexiglass lens; installs on a standard 2-gang j-box; optional legends and flasher module available; offers a full studio and control room lighting control system that interfaces to switcher and audio production consoles' status and tally indicators; 858-536-2927; fax: 858-536-2354;
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Telestream FlipFactory TrafficManager: automates process of receiving, managing and moving content; has a single aggregation point for incoming media from various digital media delivery services and/or local sources; standardizes the workflow process: receipt, notification, tracking, previewing, reformatting and redistribution; reduces handling and intervention by station personnel; includes direct file transfer at whatever encoded bit rate is suitable for station operation; eliminates the need to make a lot of duplications; 530-470-1300; fax: 530-470-1301;
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SWE DISH Satellite Systems AB SWE DISH IPT Suitcase: IP-based solution allows live transmission of full broadcast quality TV and radio from almost anywhere; has a motorized and fully automated setup; includes an inbuilt GPS and flux-gate compass for fast, trouble-free positioning; generates full broadcast quality transmission ready encoded for immediate distribution via broadband to almost anywhere in the world at up to 2 Mbit/s; quick deployment, performance and convenience makes it ideal for broadcasting from difficult locations; operates from 24 V DC or main power extending its flexibility; 46-8-587-950-00; fax: 46-8-587-950-05;
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Sony DMX-R100: mixer is designed for professional recording studio and audio post production applications; optional I/O cards are available to allow the console to interface with a number of digital audio recorders; features full 5.1 surround capability; 800-686-SONY; 201-930-1000; fax: 201-930-4752;
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Miranda Technologies MediaWorks Version 1.4: software combines asset management, recording automation, proxy browsing and marking functions; incorporates new browser features such as a “List Asset” button, a shuttle/job knob and audio control for both browser and ingest windows; a mark list may now be exported as an EDL even while content is in the recording process; allows for copy, cut and paste functions to be available for any of the metadata fields of the data model; 514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828;
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Snell & Wilcox “Golden Dave” ME Standard Definition Switcher: offers digital video effect options; includes internal storage for up to 9,000 uncompressed stills; turns 2 ½ ME SD2524 into a four ME system; allocates four states between two ME's; generates 12 individual tiles with full lighting effects; can assign to a source or bus; 408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800;
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Thomson Multimedia version 6.60: increases the number of ports supported per video server from 10 per server to 100 per server; applies a dual tone multi-frequency timeout enhancement for late or missing DTMF cue tones; allows users to specify device control layer time delay for each MSL; added support for DVE master control switching effects; remote client status has been enhanced for remote automation and central-casting operations; 619-689-0880; fax: 619-689-0882;
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Avid Unity for News: provides a shared storage and networked environment for iNews, NewsCutter and AirSPACE technologies; also features MediaManager and TransferManager to allow for finding and moving media assets with the click of a mouse; 800-949-AVID; fax: 978-640-1366;
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Zenith Electronics ATSC digital television modulator: offers efficient migration path to digital TV broadcasting; occupies about one-fourth rack space; creates an 8-VSB Trellis encoded signal from an ATSC MPEG encoded bit stream; modulated signal uses a standard 44 MHz intermediate frequency output which can be upconverted; enhanced features allow linear and non-linear pre-correction for amplitude and phase errors; 847-391-7000; fax: 847-391-7253;
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Tektronix DS1001G Television Demodulator: designed to remove picture “ghosts” caused by RF signal reflections; uses a specialized ghost canceling reference signals which are pre-inserted into television signals by broadcasters; technology is integrated into a ½ rack width, 1 rack-unit high package; 800-835-9433;
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Thales Broadcast and Multimedia Affinity Digital Low Power Transmitter: a complete broadcast station; available from 10 to 400 watts average (RMS) output power; fully compatible with the DVB-T and ATSC standards; features advanced embedded software for alignment and system management; includes AffinityView, which provides complete transmission system visibility, remote monitoring and control of multiple Affinity transmission stations; software setup and control via front panel RS-232 communication ports; single chassis design for rack savings; built-in RS-484 network hardware; built-in diagnostics with front panel status display; 413-569-0116; fax: 413-569-0679;
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Staco Energy Products TreStar SX Series: a three-phase UPS system designed to offer protection with diagnostics and advanced circuitry; front panel gives access to 15 measurements and 33 different alarms; has an automatic system's bypass with manual isolation switch, an isolated redundant ready separate bypass feed and an internal maintenance bypass; advanced battery diagnostics provide a high level of protection against overheating, deep discharge and low current damage; includes a standard internal battery and optional external battery cabinets; 937-253-1191; fax: 937-253-1723;
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