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Winsted Corp. E4242: the unit consists of 59" wide, curved main desk which is 30" deep with a 15" deep monitor riser set at viewing height in the back for an ergonomically designed wraparound working environment; the two side rack cabinets have 24-1/2" (14U) of equipment space and each has a 33-3/4"W × 35"D laminated table top providing more equipment or monitor space; end cabinet are 31" high, which allows them to nest with the 34" main desk when moved together; 952-944-9050; fax: 952-944-1546;
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CBT Systems On-Air light: features traditional sand casting, bright finished aluminum housing, plexiglass window and modern high output LED array; unit is UL Listed; easily installs on a standard 2-gauge j-box; optional legends and flasher module available; 858-536-2927; fax: 858-536-2354;
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Rohde & Schwarz UHF transmitters: operate in the low-power range from 50W to 200W (digital) and 100W to 200W (analog); air-cooled low-power transmitters equipped with LDMOS transistors and an integrated analog, OFDM or 8VSB coder; series of transmitters are based on MOSFET amplifiers and designed for a range from 2kW to 20kW and 800W to 5kW for DVB-T or ATSC; can be converted from analog to digital by simply replacing the encoder module in the exciter; +4989/4129-11765; fax: +4989/4129-13208;
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Lexicon 960L 2.5: version 2.5 includes more than 100 new factory programs utilizing seven newly developed stereo and multichannel delay algorithms; includes two additional stereo and multichannel 96kHz reverb algorithms; available at no charge, for a limited time, to 960L owners who register their 960L online; 781-80-0300; fax: 781-280-0490;
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Crystal Vision MON210: provides monitoring quality conversion of SDI to PAL/NTSC or Y/C, and replaces the MON204; provides five composite outputs for each channel when using the new RM18 frame rear module; can be used with the RM01 rear module to access two outputs per channel or with the RM02 for four outputs of the first channel and three of the second; +44 (0)1223 506515; fax: +44 (0)1223 506514;
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Incite Multimedia Incite Editor: Windows NT/2000-based NLE designed for the Matrox DigiSuite hardware product family; now integrated with Matrox's MAX card and real-time VIA support for greater CG capabilities; provides an easy-to-use interface featuring a fast-cutting and thorough toolkit; Incite Audio Plus also is entering the market; +41 22 308 57 57; fax: +41 22 308 57 58;
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Comprehensive Video Group CVC-C5E+/HR: suitable for data and high-resolution video; provides up to 350MHz bandwidth; is a low-cost solution for high-resolution video transfer and is easy to install and pull; features 24 awg solid, bare copper construction, low attenuation and crosstalk for maximum signal transfer; 800-526-0242; fax: 201-229-0262;
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Applied Digital ShearMPEG: performs frame-accurate cuts edits on I.P or B frames in long or short GOP MPEG-2 format on the Speed Razor timeline; ideal for newsclip gathering, asset management, trimming and splicing MPEG spots, segmenting batch-encoded files and editing long format material; MPEG material received from satellites, servers or other sources can be edited in MPEG and output directly; 352-338-0516; fax: 352-338-1108;
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Wheatstone BRIDGE 2001: features bidirectional fiber optic or CAT-5 interlocation connectivity, all digital domain AES switching, analog or digital inputs and analog and digital outputs; 252-638-7000; fax: 252-635-4857;
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Accom Abekas 6000: features eight digital video channels and RAID-5 disk array to deliver both DVCPRO and MPEG-2 compression; fully DTV ready, accepting and supplying both serial digital video and AES/EBU digital audio signals; ideal for use in digital video production, digital video post production, news editing and playout, program cache and playout, advertisement spot cache and playout, and program materials distribution; 650-328-3818; fax: 650-327-2511;
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AMS Neve Logic 3SC: fully networkable post workstation offering high-speed editing and mixing; ESP menu-free mixing gives users all the channels, outputs and automation needed to deliver complex mixes quickly and efficiently; includes the new DSP ToolBox, a range of advanced DSP plug-ins; 212-965-1400; fax: 212-965-3739;
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Aston Red and Aston Blue: combine purpose-built VLIW graphics processing power with PowerPC G4 technology to deliver a high level of speed and functionality to the broadcast user; they exploit Aston's Vivid multi-processor architecture, providing high-speed rendering and huge animation capabilities, while maintaining full compatibility with Aston's other CGs; +44 (0) 1252 836221; fax: +44 (0) 1252 837923;
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Euphonix AES31: uses Broadcast Wave files, compatible with most audio software; utilizes a high-performance PC running under Windows 2000, and ships with two 100Mb/s Ethernet NICs; two spare PCI slots allow integration of additional network or SAN interfaces to customize the system to an existing network architecture; 650-855-0400; fax: 650-855-0410;
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FAST Multimedia blue: every native DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO 25, DVCPRO 50 and MPEG IMX transfer in 2- or 4x real time; native parellel crossover output and playback in real time of all formats mixed in one timeline, including real time playback of AVI open DML, graphics, 16 audio tracks and effects; +49-89-50 20 6-207; fax: +49-89-50 20 6-199;
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Fiber Options B742AV: features 24-bit dual-channel audio processing; dual 10-segment LED displays provide for complete monitoring of transmitter and receiver operation; signals monitored include input video, output video, audio input and audio output levels and the received optical signal; 631-567-8320; fax: 631-567-8322;
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Accuweather Local Digital Weather: PC-based system allows local stations to offer their viewers local weather 24 hours a day; system is designed for unattended operation and can be customized to insert weather content from the station's weather talent, as well as providing any combination of full-motion video ads, on-screen graphic commercials or logo banners; 814-235-8650; 814-235-8649;
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PESA Switching 300MHz Cougar: delivers 300MHZ wide bandwidth performance that preserves crisp images for the highest resolutions of RGB, RGBHV and HDTV applications; housed in a compact 3RU chassis that includes internal dual power and dual controller capabilities; 631-845-5020; fax: 631-845-5023;
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TelescriptAV: allows users to prompt in any language within a single version of the program; offers localized versions of the software that can include drop down menus, help files and internal navigation items that will display in the language of the user's choice; 201-767-6733; fax: 201-784-0323;
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Inscriber E-Clips: allows for easy placement of logos and clocks; users can adjust the duration and transparency levels of the effects; NT-based system controls VTR events, playout and capture of live events, as well as playing full-screen graphics directly from an intuitive interface; 519-570-9111; fax: 519-570-9140;
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Now Shipping


Miranda Tango: the 4:2:2 quad-split processor is designed to simultaneously handle up to four full-resolution video signals on a single display; exhibits each 4:2:2 SDI input on a computer, projection or plasma display, with a universal RGBHV output formatted in either an NTSC/PAL composite or a Y-only analog signal that allows the quad to be distributed and routed throughout the facility; now shipping; 514-333-1772; 514-333-9828;
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Accom WSD/2Xtreme Digital Disk Recorder: now shipping with the DDR option is the Work Station Disk/High Definition; now available with Digital Audio and Video Interpolator options, a turnkey solution supporting Windows Media Encoding of standard- and high-definition video formats for the professional marketplace as well as the DDR; 650-328-3818; fax: 650-327-2511;
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Panasonic AJ-D455: now shipping; model offers DV-format recording; records in DVCPRO, standard DV and mini-DV formats, and plays back DVCPRO, DV and DVCAM formats, thereby meeting today's applications from IEEE-1394-based desktop editing to fast-paced tape-to-tape news editing; in both record and playback, a cassette detection function automatically selects the proper mode for the type of cassette loaded; 800-528-8601; fax: 323-436-3660; (opens in new tab).
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DPS dpsVelocity 7.6: includes all of the features of 7.6; now shipping is the enhanced Windows Media Format export, QuickTime export with hinting, enhanced Ligos GoMotion-powered MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 export, and integrated remote control support for multi-camera live editing and webcasting; 859-371-5533; fax: 859-371-3729;
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