New Products

MULTIFORMAT SAFE AREA GENERATOR Broadcast Video Systems DSA-100 SDI: generates and inserts all required safe action, safe title and center cross graticules in 4:3, 16:9 or any combination of aspect ratios; simulates letterbox and side panels and can store up to 10 custom patterns and graticules; the front panel control may be removed and remoted; 905-764-1584; fax: 905-764-7438;

MODULAR FIBER OPTIC VIDEO SYSTEM Telecast Fiber Systems Viper II: provides a modular platform for digital and analog production; integrates the same products and features as the original Viper with new innovations in electronics, electro-optics and packaging to provide a system that serves all video, audio and auxiliary communications; accommodates up to 16 transmitter or receiver modules in a 3RU, 19-inch frame with several power options (12 VDC source, 48 VDC single or dual redundant supplies, 90-240 VAC, auto-sensing single or dual supplies, AC power with alarmed UPS); houses the same functional modules for analog and digital as the original Viper and analog, digital and audio modules can be mixed and matched; designed for use in studio and campus facilities; pre-fibered facilities, studio-to-transmitter links, mobile field production and metropolitan video links; 508-754-4858; fax: 508-752-1520;

FIBER OPTIC TRIAXIAL INTERFACE Telecast Fiber Systems Cobra: links broadcast television cameras to camera control units over fiber optic cable instead of copper-based triaxial cable; is able to interface to a variety of triaxial-based television cameras without having to modify the camera, its control hardware or its supporting infrastructure; converts all the two-way signals, including component video, audio, intercom and data controls to optical signals on fiber optic cable and therefore eliminates the problems and restrictions associated with copper cables; 508-754-4858; fax: 508-752-1520;

AUDIO & VIDEO MONITORING/CONVERSION SYSTEM Evertz 7760 AVM SDI: series of plug-in cards offer solutions for monitoring video and audio signals with a modern broadcast facility; the units can be installed in the standard Evertz 3RU 7700 frame; offer a variety of choices for monitoring audio, video and data; features include: serial digital or composite analog outputs with superimposed, in-picture bar graph audio level meters; audio phase error indication; in-picture source-ID and in-picture status for V-Chip rating, closed captions and other decoded VBI data; to facilitate configuration, an on-screen menu is also provided with a choice of bar graph scales, translucency of display and position and a variety of alarm thresholds; 905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573;

MINIATURE, PORTABLE FIBER OPTIC MODULES Evertz 2405 series: provides comprehensive fiber optic signal conversion and new signal aggregation capabilities; wavelength conversion capability allows cost-effective wavelength conversion (e.g. 1310nm 1550nm) to be accomplished in a single module, allowing compatibility between incoming/outgoing feeds and native system wavelengths; available with and without side mount flanges to accommodate multiple mounting options; applications for these modules include link extension for portable equipment, backhaul from remote locations, low cost signal aggregation at indoor and outdoor events and security, surveillance and monitoring applications; 905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573;

RACK MOUNTING CARD FRAME Ward-Beck Serialboxx: a new concept in connectivity; it comprises a versatile rack mounting card frame and a series of plug-in amplifier modules; the various amplifier modules are designed to handle analog and digital video signals; the plug-in models that will debut at NAB 2001 include: serial digital video, AES audio, analog video and analog audio modules; 800-771-2556; 416-335-5999; fax: 416-335-5202;

CONTROL PANEL FOR AV SIGNAL ROUTING AutoPatch Precis Remote X/Y Control Panel: offers compact, economical control for matrix switchers; designed to offer a cost-effective and powerful remote control interface; programmable panels utilize AutoPatch's XnNet(tm) communications architecture providing open topology and virtually any number of remote connections via twisted-pair; multiple control panels can be connected to a single matrix switcher; one-inch deep panels are available and weigh less than two pounds; ideal for applications in boardroom presentation systems, video conferencing, security, educational AV systems and command/control venues; 800-622-0246; 509-235-2636; fax: 509-235-2646;

SEAMLESS VIDEO SWITCHER Extron SVS 100: a four-input, one-output video switcher that provides seamless vertical interval switching without the need to genlock the sources; makes glitch-free switches without using expensive genlocking equipment; eliminates loss of sync during switching and has color matching inputs; can be used in applications such as videoconferencing, distance learning, video editing and staging; features seamless video switching, switching effects, picture controls, audio switching, user presets, vertical blanking and genlock capability; compatible with NTSC or PAL signals and offers composite and S-video inputs; 800-633-9876; 714-491-1500; fax: 714-491-1517;

PRODUCTION SWITCHER Pinnacle PDS 9000: a 36-input, 2.5M/E production switcher aimed at mid-market live production, specifically news and local interest programming; offers nine built-in 3D DVEs, 19 multipage framestores and RGB color correction; the multipage framestores can be loaded from Pinnacle's Lightning, Deko, Thunder and DVExtreme over a 100BaseT network; 650-526-1600; fax: 650-526-1601;

INFRASTRUCTURE SOFTWARE FOR STREAMING MEDIA Telestream FlipFactory: infrastructure software that eliminates streaming media's process of encoding and delivery by automatically "flipping" source files into user-specified formats and then forwarding these files to appropriate servers; supports both file-based media and live webcasts; is designed for corporate communications departments, the television and entertainment industries and Internet service providers; 877-CLPMAIL; 530-470-1300; fax: 530-470-1301;

A/D-D/A CONVERTERS Keywest Technology Big VooDoo A/D, D/A: small, rackmount (four across) digital converters; the BVV2S A/D unit accepts composite, Y/C or component video and outputs serial digital video (SDI); the BVS2V D/A unit converts SDI into composite, Y/C or component, and both pass the vertical interval; same units are also offered in a smaller, in-line version called "Little VooDoo" as well as distribution amps and switchers for video, audio and RGB; 800-331-2019; 913-492-4666; fax: 913-895-7496;

MASTER CONTROL SWITCHER Oxtel Ltd 5.1 audio Presmaster: combines multiple transmission channel control, strong channel branding performance and easy-to-use operation; audio capabilities have been extended with a new stand-alone, fully-automated, embedded/AES audio mixer that provides multilingual performance and support for multichannel surround sound; +44 1491 820 000; fax: +44 1491 820 001;

MULTICHANNEL QUALITY MONITORING Rohde & Schwarz DVQM Digital Video Quality Analyzer: allows simultaneous and independent quality monitoring of up to 12 digital TV channels; can be integrated into a 19-inch plug-in system and has a separate MPEG-2 decoder for each channel; MPEG-2 transport streams can be directly applied to the DVQM and monitored; analyzes digital TV signals in line with ATSC and DVB standards; (301) 459-8800; fax: (301) 459-2810;

AUDIO TRANSPORT SYSTEM Harris AudioLink PLUS: features new video and network management capabilities; includes a new, low-bandwidth video codec module and integrated network management communications; consolidates transport of program audio, voice and data for STL, TSL, interstudio and intercity communications over a single digital T1, E1, microwave or fiber-optic link; can be configured with a new low-bit-rate video codec module; includes integrated network management communications; can be used as a gateway control and can monitor any other AudioLink PLUS located on the network; 800-622-0022; 513-459-3400; fax: 513-459-3890;

ENHANCED PRODUCTION SWITCHER VideoTek Digital Prodigy: this digital/analog, video/audio production system adds new features for 601, including five serial digital inputs plus options for analog composite, component or additional serial digital; also features routing control, input expansion (to 18 inputs) and external key bus control; enhanced audio follow options are available for up to 16 channels of analog audio follow or 32 channels of AES/EBU or embedded digital audio; 800-800-5719; 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295;

AUTOMATION DRIVER FOR EVS MULTICHANNEL SERVERS ETERE Video Server Interface: EVS multichannel video servers have a new interface, designed by ETERE, to improve their system; in addition to its automation system, ETERE offers solutions in areas such as: scheduling, traffic, media manager, music scheduling, fault tolerance, browsing, news, billing, statistics and the Web; the EVS servers' main features include a variety of available compression schemes, multichannel configurations from an entry-level dual channel production system to a full-blown 60-channel VOD powerhouse, raid redundancy, disk storage that can be configured in different ways to accommodate a wide range of applications, and mix and wipe transitions; 978-897-4240; fax: 978-897-9013;

WEB AUDIO PRE-PROCESSOR Laird Telemedia four-Channel Web Audio Pre-Processor: supports four stereo audio channels simultaneously; balanced audio; digital VU meters; dynamic audio compression optimized for webcasting; two-Channel XLR (L/R) and 3.5mm stereo mini connectors; 800-898-0759; 914-339-9555; fax: 914-339-0231;

ANALYSIS SERVICE Triveni Digital StreamDoctor: the service analyzes and reports problems with a station's DTV transport stream; helps DTV stations comply with the ATSC DTV standards, ensuring correct operation of DTV receivers; analysis focuses primarily on ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) standard, audio and video buffer usage, and Program Clock Reference (PCR) frequency and jitter; 609-936-3419.

MODULAR FRAME SYSTEM VideoTek UNIFRAME: a frame and card system that includes modules for analog and digital signal processing and distribution; can be used in medium- to high-end studio, post-production and routing applications in markets including broadcast, educational, satellite and production; ability to interface to the system modules; offers a single 2RU frame that can simultaneously accommodate analog and digital video and audio processing and distribution choices; the 2RU frame accepts up to 12 modules and up to two power supplies; 800-800-5719; 610-327-2292; fax: 610-327-9295;

MPEG-2 DIGITAL VIDEO SERVER SeaChange International Broadcast MediaCluster: the digital video server system for play-to-air applications now delivers dozens of fault-resilient outputs at up to 50Mb/s of MPEG-2 4:2:2 video, each with four AES audio channels; is the first media server to utilize 72GB disk drives; designed to be Pro-MPEG compliant; available in various configurations to support small stations and the largest multichannel requirements, with incremental upgrade-as-you-grow capabilities; 978-897-0100; fax: 978-897-0132;

HIGH PERFORMANCE CABLE CLONE Faraday Technology Cable Clone: can cope with HDTV component signal data rates to the required 1.5Gb/s; has an accurate loss v. frequency characteristic against cable over the significant frequency spectrum of the serial digital signal; can be used as a substitute for actual cable when installing equipment to ensure sufficient margin or head room is available, or to establish the maximum length of cable that the signal will remain usable over; maximum simulated length of 150 meters; +44 1782 661 501; fax: +44 1782 630 101;

DOLBY E COMPATIBLE AUTO ROUTING SOLUTION Philips Venus 2001 AES Router: it can accept both synchronous and asynchronous audio signals simultaneously and handle them within the system, with no clicks or pops that are common when switching asynchronous digital audio signals; can swap, mix and shuffle AES signals within the router to create combinations of new AES signals that are limited only by the size of the router; is now capable of a fast V-fade which ensures a clickless switch between two signals; 800-962-4287; 818-729-7700; fax: 818-729-7710;

RENDERING SYSTEM SOFTWARE Advanced Rendering Technology Version 2.5 of RenderDrive 3D: now shipping; Version 2.5 of ART's RenderDrive 3D rendering system software; increased functionality to users of the company's advanced 3D rendering solution; included with the new version of the software are upgrades to RenderPipe MAX, RenderDrive's seamless interface to Discreet's 3d studio max and 3D Studio VIZ; new features include improved sampling of area lights and custom camera shaders; also includes additions to RenderDrive's RenderMan compliant interface; 650-254-7610; fax: 650-254-7615;

MPEG SOFTWARE PACKAGE Snell & Wilcox Mosalina: now shipping; Mosalina, a software package for MPEG file analysis; running on Windows '95, '98 or NT computers, Mosalina works faster than real time to analyze standard definition MPEG video (high definition video analysis is also available); the software is available in Basic, Advanced and Expert versions; provides automated quality assurance during all phases of video production, including creative DVD authoring, streaming, post production, broadcast and archiving; 408-260-1000; fax: 408-260-2800;

7.1 SURROUND METER Logitek UV 71: now shipping; a 7.1 format surround sound meter; incorporates eight LED barographs packaged in a vertical configuration in a box designed to sit on a console overbridge; the units power supply is in a separate enclosure that can be located away from the console; the Ultra-VU display provides barographs with 62 tri-color LEDs each; operating modes, including loudness filter, fine resolution and image/phase display, are selectable; display brightness control allows matching the display to room lighting conditions; 877-231-5870; 713-664-4470; fax: 713-664-4479;