Neutron unveils reusable invertor for digital signage

Neutron Enterprises has developed an Interchangeable Chip Invertor in conjunction with its manufacturing partner in Shanghai. The next generation of the company's technology was developed specifically to reduce costs for major global companies that run numerous short-term point-of-sale programs.

Glo-Mation point-of-sale technology is a lightweight, flexible sheet of vinyl that lights up and animates. An invertor is used in conjunction with an integrated circuit in order to deliver the power supply and the sequencing effect of the company's Glo-Mation animated signage. Most invertors are currently designed for single-use applications. Neutron's new invertors will allow its clients to reuse their invertors on future signage programs eliminating the purchase of a new invertor, reducing costs for its clients and expanding applications. This innovation will also allow the company's customers to obtain additional savings on the cost of installation, shipping and new signage programs.

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