Miranda iControl at Encompass Digital Media

Encompass Digital Media Limited (EDML) has installed Miranda Technologies’ iControl content monitoring and control platform at its facilities in London.

Encompass provides playout and origination services for cable channels, television station owners and operators, sports leagues, civilian government and military sectors. The company recently invested in new technical facilities at its Stephen Street, London location to enhance its quality of service to clients.

The monitoring, alarm status and control solution is operated via iControl GUI touch screens. The touch screens provide configurable alternate views to any one of four operational, or two engineering, positions to monitor and control channels running through the facility’s multiple transmission chains. Audio is a significant component for EDML as its plays out multi-language and subtitling services, also monitored and controlled with iControl.

EDML currently provides origination and transmission services for 60 channels, and the facility is designed to scale to over 200. EDML utilizes Miranda’s Densité LGK cards, a channel-branding processor that provides iControl GUIs with a thumbnail view of all content passing through the system. In addition to Miranda’s array of software and services, the NVISION router, Kaleido X16 and Kaleido IP multiviewers play an important role in EDML's playout workflow.