Milestone in MBMS mobile TV technology reached

Huawei Technologies, a provider of telecommunications network solutions, has announced that together with QUALCOMM, it has successfully completed a commercial MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) mobile TV interoperability testing, a mobile TV solution based on 3GPP Release 6 specifications.

The testing was performed on Huawei's UMTS/HSPA network with handsets based on the Mobile Station Modem MSM7200 chipset solution from QUALCOMM. During the testing, MBMS technology was used to transmit TV programs at 256Kb/s, which played clearly and smoothly. Users were able to quickly switch channels by pressing navigation buttons on the handset, and MBMS allowed streaming to be suspended during an incoming voice call and automatically resumed streaming when the call ended. The successful testing indicates that MBMS is on track for large-scale commercial deployments this year.

MBMS supports both multimedia broadcast and multicast services, which allows operators to either directly broadcast multimedia content to all subscribers or only to a specific group of subscribers. MBMS also supports a variety of mobile multimedia applications. To provide MBMS mobile TV services, network operators need only a software upgrade to their existing UMTS/HSPA networks.

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