Matrox unveils Quad Information Display low-profile PCIe graphics card

The new graphics card supports x16 PCI Express architecture
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Matrox Graphics announced the new QID low-profile PCIe graphics card. The card supports native x16 PCI Express architecture for public information display applications.

As single chip on a 128MB board, the QID graphics card offers Matrox’s quad digital and analog feature set including support for up to 1600x1200 quad digital resolution; as well as multi-display features such as flexible display configurations and resolutions; and Matrox Clone, Matrox Pivot/Portrait and customizable unattended install. Full-featured and compact, the QID Low-profile PCIe’s half-length, half-height board design allows it to fit any system including small form factor PCs.

It also features the KX20 connector. Its high-density build enables quad digital and quad analog connectivity, while maintaining a high signal quality. Additionally, unified and WHQL-certified drivers to offer increased stability and deliver crystal-clear image quality support the QID Low-profile PCIe.

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