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Lutheran Church of the Good Shephard finds affordability, performance in new audio system

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd has seen its membership grow over the last 60 years, and to accommodate that growth, a new 500-seat worship center was recently completed.

Scott Schmidt of JC Productions, a Reno-based installation company, chose equipment from Renkus-Heinz and PreSonus for the new facility. Schmidt picked a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 digital console and placed it at the front-of-house mix position. The desk is used to mix audio in the sanctuary, create monitor mixes for the musicians and assist in live recordings.

"The StudioLive is a great console for them," explains Schmidt. "It gives them all the power and features of an expensive digital console, and it fits their budget. We didn't have to purchase any outboard effects, which saves them money and space; they're just using the processing that's built into the console."

Schmidt also turned to Renkus-Heinz, and recommended that the church purchase a pair of Iconyz IC Live digitally steered line array systems.

"The architect who designed the space has done a number of traditional sanctuaries, and really did a fantastic job," says Schmidt. "Most of the walls are not parallel, and there's a sloped ceiling that's about 60 feet at its highest point. The wall behind the choir is angled about five degrees, which really helps with reflectivity.

"It's still a pretty live space, and they needed a sound system that could steer the acoustical energy away from the walls and into the seating area." 

Schmidt mounted a pair of IC Live ICL-FR columns on both sides of the proscenium.

"We needed a very versatile system, and the IC Live fit the bill," he explains. "Spoken-word intelligibility is always the priority, but the system had to provide the full-range musicality needed for a live band as well."