Leightronix MINI-T-NX offers all-in-one station automation

Leightronix has introduced the MINI-T-NX, a video server that offers a complete station automation solution for local broadcast and cable operations.

The all-in-one MINI-T-NX comes equipped with everything needed for playback operations, including digital video playback, video messaging, DVD/VCR control and video/ audio switching.

The MINI-T-NX offers internal MPEG-2 video/audio support. A hardware MPEG decoder provides high-quality playback of digital media. The internal hard drive provides online storage for thousands of video programs and clips, while high-speed Ethernet allows fast file transfers over local or wide area networks and system access from virtually anywhere via the Internet.

The digital video messaging feature included with the MINI-T-NX makes it easy to synchronize individual video slides or slide shows with program playback, filling gaps between programs or placing targeted messages at specific times.

For more information, visit: www.leightronix.com.