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Latens and Agama partner for IPTV interoperability

Agama Technologies’ IPTV Monitoring solution has been tightly integrated with Latens’ CA software for secure monitoring of IPTV systems.

Agama Technologies, a provider of products and services for digital media distribution over IP networks, and Latens Systems, a provider of software based Content & Revenue Protection systems, have announced a partnership for conditional access security and service assurance in live IPTV deployment.

The companies said that successful deployment of commercial IPTV services requires both good security and the ability to monitor quality levels. They have worked together with a joint customer to demonstrate interoperability between Latens IP CAS and the Agama IPTV Monitoring solution.

Latens, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, uses Secure Software Modules to maximize security and minimize the risk of attack. Latens technology can be extended to provide security for the PVR and multiple set-top-box homes.

Agama Technologies, based in Linköping, Sweden, specializes in IPTV services, including real-time 24/7 IPTV monitoring.

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