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Jünger Audio - Level Magic

Jünger Audio is a German manufacturer of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors.

Its core concept, LEVEL MAGIC, is a sophisticated adaptive loudness control algorithm, which handles level in compliancy with CALM act and FCC’s A85 regulations, but also EBU R128 or ITU1770/1 and /2 standards.

It is intelligently providing a multi loop processing combining simultaneously AGC, Transient processor and “look ahead” limiter; to enable automatic and adaptive adjustment of Loudness for stereo, or 5.1 contents along with Dolby Decoding & Encoding, Upmix and Metadata management.

Offered in 2, 4, and 8 channel boxes (T*AP, D*AP LM4 and D*AP LM2), or modular Multi Channel platforms (C8000) the units come with redundant power supplies and various ways of control (fixed or removable front panels, web GUI, third party equipments).

LEVEL MAGIC’s applications cover TV Broadcasting (Ingest, Transmission, etc.) Post production, Re-broadcasting (Satellite, IPTV, Cable) and Radio (transmission).