IPITEK to display new 10 GigE optical transport system at IBC2005

IPITEK’s new MSP-10G 10 Gigabit optical transport system

IPITEK’s new MSP-10G 10 Gigabit optical transport system is a compact, modular system that multiplexes any standard Ethernet data rate into 10 Gigabit Ethernet and transports it over a fiber optic network.

The MSP-10G can be integrated into existing high-density DWDM operations. Additionally, the system provides capability to expand from a single wavelength to 40 ITU standard and DWDM wavelengths over a dedicated single optical fiber.

The system includes 24 Ethernet electrical ports and one 10 GigE Lx 1310 nm optical port. The interface to the fiber trunk is provided by single or dual industry standard XENPAK transceiver plug-in modules. Each service is separated by the port interface and then combined on single or dual 10 GigE trunks.

MSP-10G employs port-based IEEE 802 switching techniques to route and deliver traffic from any port to any other port or ports. Each individual PVC may be provided with unique provisioning to forward, drop or drop and continue at any 10G unit in the system.

For more information go to www.ipitek.com.

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