Industry giants form Retail Media Networks initiative

Capgemini, Intel and Micro Industries unveiled a joint initiative called the Retail Media Networks (RMN) that provides consumers with product information, directions for finding products in the store, product news, complementary promotions and services, as well as paid advertising – all of which can be customized in real-time based on shoppers interactions with products in a store.

Currently in use by several large global retailers, RMNs offer consumers on-demand, interactive, rich-media information using a range of technologies:

  • Tablets on shopping carts that can track purchases and ring up sales in real-time.
  • Kiosks with touchscreen displays that offer shoppers products and services not available in the store.
  • Interactive HD digital screens throughout the store that offer customized information based on the time of day, demographics or seasonal promotions.

RMNs can also help improve store operations and employee productivity by providing staff with information about new products or promotions that can be accessed during off hours when RMNs aren't in use by shoppers.

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