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ICTV announces ActiveVideo Distribution Network

ICTV, creator of HeadendWare, a platform for the delivery and distribution of interactive television programming, has announced a new technology that blends “the choice and control of broadband video with the quality and responsiveness of TV.”

The ICTV ActiveVideo Distribution Network (AVDN) enables operators, programmers and advertisers to bring broadband video programming and advertising models from the Internet to the television, including ads that are targeted, auditable and interactive.

The ActiveVideo Distribution Network is a usage-based content distribution service, which requires no capital investment by programmers or operators. AVDN delivers Web-driven programming and both live and VOD streams-all with TV quality. ActiveVideo programming is delivered through a VOD infrastructure, using any VOD-capable set-top and navigated with standard remotes.

The ActiveVideo Distribution Network is entirely standards-based, requiring no custom integration or proprietary development. It runs within the existing Web and VOD infrastructures, acquiring programming from standard Web servers, mixing it with live and VOD elements and delivering it from the headend as MPEG video. It readily integrates with and extends existing set-top based interactive approaches.

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