IBC2006 attendees to get glimpse of Manreo content management from Netia

Netia will unveil its Manreo content management software at IBC2006 in Amsterdam. Manreo features asset management and archiving capabilities that together provide a one-stop content management solution for broadcasters, with publishing capabilities for multiple formats.

Manreo allows for ingest, digitization, archiving, indexing, intranet search and browsing of various audio and video files. Users can publish this content directly to multiple formats, such as the Internet and mobile phones, as well as to third-party systems. Users can also define their own rules for automatic publishing of content. Additionally, Manreo can be set up so that publishing triggers automatic encoding of the video to the proper target format, such as the video formats used in mobile phone applications.

For more information, visit www.netia.net/index.php/us/produits/manreo.