IBC Panel on Managing Portfolios for Maximum Value”

Facing new economic pressures, media & entertainment companies must find ways to extract more money from their content libraries. Because even a

modest media company will spend US$500 million acquiring or developing content every year – the larger ones will spend upwards of several billion – even a 2% increase in revenues is significant. Yet the cost of acquiring and distributing content keeps increasing, and new competition continues to drive prices down.

To combat this, we must take a “Venture Capital” approach to content, meaning we must be more opportunistic. If one takes a purely financial approach to the media business, then content stops being a simple show and becomes an investment with an expected ROI. While we are still a few years away from selling credit default swaps on tranches of content portfolios, it is reasonable to expect and insist upon a competitive ROI on a content library. The big question is: how?

Our panellists are all-star experts from both the business and technology sides of media & entertainment. They will explore the different approaches that leading companies use, or plan to use to get that extra revenue. The major topics of debate among media & entertainment companies for a successful path forward – including how to identify new ways to sell existing content, stopping revenue leakage, understanding just how disruptive “disruptive” technology really is, and balancing the conflicting needs of distribution partners – will be discussed in depth.

Editor’s note: Moderator Thomas Siegman is EVP, Strategy & Innovation, for RSG Media. Panellists include Joe Simon, CTO, Condé Nast; Mai Wah Cheung, SVP Enterprise Technology Services, Univision Communications, Inc.; and other senior executives from major media outlets.This panel will take place on Saturday, Sept. 13 in Room: G102 from 11:15am - 12:00pm