G-SAM to produce NAB annual DAM pavilion

For the third consecutive year, members of G-SAM have come together to form the program advisory council for the DAM pavilion at NAB. The group is comprised of end users, vendors, integrators and consultants and is charged with developing conference sessions that are both timely and relevant.

The result of this group’s efforts is an agenda of conference sessions that span three full days beginning on the opening day of NAB 2006. Each day has a separate theme and together these sessions form a comprehensive overview of what is important in digital asset management.

Speakers are being sought for a variety of topics, including:

  • Select the right DAM vendor for your need Analyzing current workflows and defining future workflows that addresses business needs
  • Differing view of Metadata and Taxonomies
  • How to achieve quick ROI and low TCO
  • IT and Broadcast OPS — get along and prosper
  • How to build the business case and secure funding for your project
  • What are web services and why should you care
  • Low resolution to high definition: Analyzing the different file formats
  • Broadcast vs. IT integration.

Submit proposals to Per Sjofors, G-SAM EVP, chairman of the programming committee, at per.sjofors@g-sam.org.

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