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NAB 2003New Products Part 2

Routers And Terminal Equipment

Axon Digital Design (SU7303):

Axon Digital Design will introduce three new HD products, the HDR07, a high definition distribution amplifier; the HEB10, a high definition audio embedder; and the HBD10, a high definition audio de-embedder. The MStream 4000 product family will also be displayed. A prototype of the line was presented at IBC, but the system has been finalized for NAB. The video logging system TX-Compliance has also been updated. On top of the video content, the new TX-Compliance units record four channels of audio and two lines of VBI information (Video Text). Finally, the Synapse product range has been expanded with the SCP08, a standalone remote control panel ideal for controlling multiple frames at the same time.

Chyron (Pro-Bel) (C2074):
Chyron Pro-Bel is showing the Sirius 256, a new extension to the Sirius family. It is a 256 x 256 multiformat router that incorporates built-in analog and digital signal conversion for both video and audio signals, enabling different formats to be mixed and matched within the same frame.
The company will also be introducing the new HALO router, which can be HD or SD, 16 x 16, or 32 x 32, and is fully compatible with the entire Pro-Bel router range.

Another new application is the Procion 2, which enables customized control interfaces to be easily created and integrates fully with Chyron’s existing router control systems, including Aurora.

Grass Valley (SU7059):
Grass Valley will be introducing its new Apex audio router as well as several new enhancements to its modular products. Available for large-scale infrastructures, the Apex system utilizes a newly developed Grass Valley 11RU 256 x 256 chassis housing a Time Division Multiplex (TDM) switching architecture. Users can interconnect multiple frames to create matrices as large as 1280 x 1280 with a handful of interconnection wires—without the need for distribution wires.

The company will also display new additions to its modular lines, including new video and audio processing modules for the Grass Valley Gecko Signal Management System with up to four times the density of their predecessors; a new fiber distribution amplifier for the Grass Valley Kameleon Media Processing System; and Grass Valley NetConfig software, which streamlines the process of module configuration. The business also announced new direct-control options for the next-generation Grass Valley Trinix digital video routing switcher and Concerto Series digital routing matrix as well as direct and indirect integration of the Grass Valley M-2100 and Saturn master control systems with all Grass Valley routers.

Laird Telemedia (SL113):
Laird will be showing the new enhanced version of its LTM-ER2 two-source editing router. With improved bandwidth, built-in VTR dubbing, and a completely modular design, the redesigned LTM-ER2 provides television studios and edit and post facilities with an even more reliable and efficient solution for switching multiple source devices into NLE systems. The LTM-ER2 offers editors a cost-effective, user-friendly alternative to costly patch bays or more expensive, high-density multi-format routers.

Leitch (SU4525):
Leitch has announced the launch of two major additions to its routing portfolio: Panacea, a new small modular router series; and Integrator Gold, an extension of its flagship Integrator router series.

Panacea is a modular routing switcher with the capability to meet today’s multi-format signal requirements at a very competitive price. Panacea features comprehensive format support (HD, SDI, ASI, AES/EBU, analog video/audio, wideband analog, DS3/E3, timecode, and IF) and can mix multiple signal formats in the same frame. Control flexibility is standard, including X/Y coaxial control, serial (RS-232/422) control and Ethernet control (direct-to-frame).

Integrator Gold comes in standard definition digital and wideband digital multirate formats. So it will route any and all digital video signals from 30Mbps to HDTV at 1.485Gbps, while reclocking most standard data rates. Integrator Gold, expandable from 8 x 8 to 128 x 128 (in multiples of 8) in a single 8RU chassis, includes as standard Ethernet/IP, RS-232/422, and X/Y Coaxial control options.

Network Electronics (SU7045):
Network Electronics will introduce the VikinX.128 modular router concept to the U.S. market at NAB2003. The new 128 x 128 modular routing concept provides a very compact frame, fully hot-swappable architecture, built-in dual redundant power supply, and fully redundant controller functions. It builds from a base of 32 x 32 and can be expanded in 32 x 32 increments.

The company will also enrich its line of optical multiplexing products by offering all electrical to optical converters with CWDM lasers. Systems incorporating multichannel WDM are based on the 4+1 architecture that has four channels per frame plus one upgrade port.

Network Electronics’ “ConQuer” digital glue product range will introduce the LIS-SDI line synchronizer, the DLY-SDI video delay, the D-422-MG multiple RS-422/GPI multiplexer and the serial digital video distribution amplifiers, DA-SDI and DA-HDSDI.

Nvision (C2650):
Nvision will be showing the new NV7256-plus digital audio router, which features mixed digital and analog I/O, supports mono-channel switching, and can be expanded to 2048 x 2048 channels.

Also on display will be the new NV8256-Plus digital video router, which supports any mix of SD and HD. It features a redundant crosspoint architecture and can expand to 2048 x 2048 channels.

Another new product, the NV900 router control system, is control-panel based, with no server required. Other new modular products include the SD4230 SD video A/D converter, HD4340 HD/SD video D/A converter, HD571 dual HD/SD fiber optic receiver, HD572 dual HD/SD fiber optic transmitter, DA581 dual AES fiber optic receiver, and DA582 dual AES fiber optic transmitter.

PESA (SU6625):
PESA Switching Systems will show an HD-SDI multirate version of its Ocelot small-scale HD router. Designed for mobile trucks, as well as field or studio operations, the Ocelot is available in 8 x 8, 16 x 8, and 16 x 16 configurations. Also, a new Ocelot AES/EBU audio card now comes in both 75 Ohm and 110 Ohm versions.

For the Cheetah line, the new Cheetah 448X Flexi-Frame router supports SDI, HD-SDI, and non-standard digital signals simultaneously and a new Cheetah HD to SDI output downconverter option card.

Also, look for the new VDA-3101GP general purpose D/A card, and the RCP-GPI and RCP-JS pushbutton panels, 1RU units that accommodate up to 16 GPI devices.

Quartz (SU6435):
The latest multiformat audio router supporting both digital and analog I/O from Quartz is the Q256-DA/AA. It can be scaled from 32 x 32 up to 128 x 128 in a single 8U frame; up to 256 x 256 in a single 16U frame; and up to 1024 x 1024 with expansion frames. Another new router, the Q256-SV/HD multiformat video router, simultaneously supports both digital and high definition video inputs and outputs.

Quartz will also be introducing a new series of smaller-scale flexible digital audio routers in 32 x 32 and 16 x 16. The Q16-DA digital audio router supports both balanced and unbalanced I/Os (16 x 16 matrix) and the Q32-DA digital audio router (32 x 32 matrix) features the latest technical developments for audio routing including Soft Switching, Wild Shuffling and Sample Rate Conversion (SRC).

Another new router, the Q32-PR data router, provides port-to-port routing for up to 32 devices. Supporting both RS422 and RS232 or a mixture, the 2U unit provides bidirectional routing without the need for re-cabling. This allows devices to be routed together regardless of their serial port configuration.

Ross Video (SU5225):
Additions to the RossGear terminal equipment line include the QMA-8044 quad SDI to analog composite video monitoring amplifier and the ADC-8035 dual composite to SDI decoder. The QMA-8044 quad SDI to analog composite video monitoring amplifier provides four channels of monitoring conversion on a single card. The ADC-8035 sets a new price point in broadcast quality decoding, providing two 10-bit decoders on a single DA-sized card with a list price of $1,995 USD.

Ross will also be featuring additions to the GearLite compact terminal equipment line, including the ADC-9032 composite to SDI decoder and the ADC-9033 component/composite to SDI decoder. Ross will also be launching a range of GearLite AES/EBU converters and distribution products.

In other advances, the Ross Talia routing switcher line now includes the Geneos control system v3.0, new virtual and hardware based control panels as well as new additions to the Kondor facility routing system.

Additionally, the Kondor facility router now includes a new high density analog audio matrix as well as a new analog video matrix system.

Test and Measurement

DSC Laboratories (C3422):

DSC Laboratories will be introducing two new CamAlign Chip Charts for use in digital video production and camera engineering operation—the ChromaDuMonde series. The charts enable users to evaluate and adjust a video camera’s color matrix and gamma using a waveform/vectorscope. They are especially useful for reproducing custom and difficult colors.
> (C4301):
E-Mediavision will be introducing a new range of SDI monitoring products at NAB2003. This range includes a 1RU size audio monitoring unit, which allows group- or channel-selection of embedded audio within the SDI signal and conversion to analog for quality “ear-monitoring” applications. The range also includes a compact analog-to-SDI converter and an SDI-to-analog converter. A compact SDI-to-AES audio dissembedder will also be included within the range.

Eyeheight (SU6632):
Eyeheight will be exhibiting its eyeSight range of digital signal monitoring equipment, which now includes the AD-2 and AD-2E audio description monitors, the PM-2E SDI and the embedded-audio program detector, SD-2 video subtitling decoder, and TD-2 teletext decoder.

Leader Instruments (C768):
Leader Instruments will show its LV5700 Multi SDI Monitor, which tests 20 high definition and standard definition digital formats. The unit features an adjustable XGA color LCD panel, as well as a 15-pin output for external monitors. Waveform, vector, picture, and audio monitoring information can be displayed individually or in several combinations. Other functions include automatic input format detection, freeze, parade, overlay, and timing modes, and extensive error detection.

Miranda Technologies (C2826):
Miranda Technologies will be showing new remote monitoring probes for the Densité DA System at NAB2003. Densité Probes provide video and audio signal measurement and alarm profiling, as well as visual confidence monitoring with low latency, low-bit-rate video, and audio streaming over standard IP networks. The range has been extended to include digital and analog video and audio Probe cards for the Densité DA range. A new option providing remote waveform/vectorscope over IP has been added to further improve the diagnostic capabilities of the Densité Probes. Miranda will also be debuting enhancements to its Allegro streaming monitoring encoder server, including the ability to record multiple signals for logging purposes.

Sencore (SU5035):
Sencore introduces MPEG over IP analysis and generation for the MAP 1853 MPEG Analysis Platform. The new analysis module allows testing of VOD systems over Giga Ethernet. This new analysis suite bridges the gap between the IP layer and the MPEG layer. The module offers IP traffic analysis as well as MPEG analysis. Another feature of this module is the TS forward. TS Forwarding means the transport stream can be extracted from the IP layer to be redirected for recording or for display. The MPEG over IP player offers a simple way to encapsulate an MPEG-2 transport stream into an IP stream. This product is very valuable to cable operators deploying MPEG-2 over IP network and equipment manufacturers supporting this technology

Tektronix (C2450):
Tektronix will display a new audio option and software upgrades for its WFM700 series of multiformat waveform monitors. The new AES/EBU digital audio option and field upgrade kit for the WFM700 series offers audio monitoring of four channel pairs (up to eight separate channels) from either four rear-panel BNC inputs or audio that is embedded within the digital video signal. The new firmware upgrade to the WFM700 adds new status reporting and error detection features. A new video session screen, available only on the WFM700, summarizes a variety of statistics relevant to content health and compliance.

Additionally, Tektronix will introduce the new WVR600 series rasterizer, which provides confidence monitoring for analog, digital, or hybrid facilities. It includes traditional test and measurement displays (such as waveform and vector), as well as exclusive Tektronix measurements. It supports an external XGA display and also features FlexVu display, which allows the user to select four views of the incoming signal and select the quadrant in which each view is displayed. The WVR600 also supports analog and digital audio monitoring.

Finally, Tektronix will display the new VM5000HD Automated Video Measurement Set, a fully automated system that provides fast, accurate, and repeatable video measurements in 1080i, 720p, 480p, and SXGA formats utilizing multiple industry standard video parameters without the need for complicated instrument set-ups, algorithm selection, time-consuming manual measurements or tedious results correlation. The VM5000HD can make 100 different parametric measurements in eight specific test categories within 10 seconds. It also offers a unique high definition matrix test signal set for the creation of standardized test signals including color bars, multiburst, sweep, and five other signal types, for testing in Y/Pb/Pr and RGB color space.

Videotek (C974):
Videotek will be introducing more than ten new products at NAB2003. It will debut the ASM-100, a multiformat audio signal monitor designed to monitor many audio formats in one unit; the DDM-520 and DDM-540 frequency agile digital demodulator/decoders, which can display signals at 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i on a standard SVGA PC monitor; the RCU-101 remote control unit, which is designed for the SDC-101; the VTM-150, a multiformat on-screen monitor; and the VTM-450E HD/SD, a high definition on-screen monitor, which combines all the features found in Videotek’s VTM-420 HD/SD and VTM-330E with HD/SD eye pattern and jitter measurement. In addition, the company will display several new modules and options for its flagship Signal Quality Manager System (SQM). These include the new SQM-UBP universal breakout panel; the new SQM-LT, a software package that provides SQM system configuration, status, alarm logging, and reporting; the SQM-BYP by-pass rear module option, which automatically re-routes a signal in the case of a hardware or power interruption; the SQM-175 macroblocking detection module; the SQM-160AV analog video and audio display module, which allows users to key all signal and alarm information over the incoming video source for viewing on a composite analog monitor or monitor wall; and the SQM-141Q analog quad display module and SQM-141PK quad display package, which display four analog video signals on one monitor while simultaneously viewing signal status and alarm data of each.

Videotek will also be announcing ten new enhancements to its VTM-300 and VTM-400HD series and the addition of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) as a standard feature on the VTM-330E monitor.

Ward-Beck Systems (C722):
Ward-Beck will introduce the VMS44, a compact solution for audio and video monitoring. It combines the features of four high-resolution (600 x 234) LCD displays, four 28-segment stereo VU/PPM meters, and four 5-segment correlation meters in a 2RU panel. Ward-Beck will also introduce the POD 22 Stereo Loudness Meter, which comprises a 41-segment stereo bargraph meter POD 22 and displays both VU and peak program information simultaneously. A pair of “sticky” peak LEDs can be set to display peaks that exceed a preset limit. Also included is a seven-segment phase correlation meter and six status LEDs to display sample rate, lock to signal, and error.