Fidelis announces data extrusion prevention

Fidelis Security Systems has announced DataSafe Version 3.8, a network extrusion prevention system that prevents the unauthorized transfer of critical or sensitive information across all channels on gigabit speed networks.

DataSafe protects digital assets from unauthorized disclosure across all network channels including e-mail, http, Webmail, ftp, electronic messaging and peer-to-peer communications. The latest release of DataSafe, currently in use at customer sites, provides new alert management and notation functionality and pre-built policy templates for DoD Data Classification and the PCI Security Standard.

In addition, upgrades to the policy engine provide functionality to simplify white listing of approved business processes, and new decoders provide advanced Webmail decoding, encrypted documents detection and recognition of images imbedded in files.

While traditional security solutions control who has access to information, they do not solve the extrusion problem. DataSafe focuses on the asset itself. Its multiple content analyzers use a variety of methods — statistical analysis, pattern recognition and exact matching — to identify digital assets before they leave the organization’s network.

DataSafe includes pre-configured profiles to detect personally identifiable information, including Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and address information; credit card numbers; source code; and classified documents. This direct approach actually mitigates the risks of unauthorized network transfer of digital assets, rather than just reporting on your organization’s compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

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