Extron introduces high-performance twisted pair distribution amplifiers

The amplifiers transmit high-resolution video signals for multiple-display applications
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Extron Electronics MTP DA4 and MTP DA8 mini twisted pair distribution amplifiers

Extron Electronics has introduced its MTP DA4 and MTP DA8 mini twisted pair distribution amplifiers.

The amplifiers transmit high-resolution computer video, HDTV, component video, S-video, composite video and audio or RS-232 signals from a compatible MTP Series transmitter to multiple compatible MTP Series receivers.

The MTP DA4 and MTP DA8 split the signal from one MTP Series transmitter so it can drive four or eight receivers.

Each MTP DA distribution amplifier features a video mute control via contact closure for use with a local control system. This feature eliminates the need for additional devices or complex command strings to accomplish video muting in a distribution application.

For more information, visit www.extron.com.

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