Excellence Awards Diversified MediaFLO

Category Network automation Submitted by Diversified Systems Design teamDiversified Systems:
Adam Salkin, Mike
Meglathery and Gerald
Kaminitz, project eng.;
Duane Yoslov, VP and sr.
proj. mgr.; John Bunton,
lead eng.
R. Orange Engineering:
Markus Mahan,
installation mgr.
The Willis Group: Willis
Peligian, consultant
MediaFLO USA: Ben
Higley, broadcast eng.
mgr.; Fred Baumgartner,
dir., broadcast eng.;
Tom Mikkelsen, sr. dir.,
broadcast oper. Technology at work Clarity Visual RP
WN-5020-UXP/GV 50in
VistaLink monitoring
MultiView image
NV5128-MC master
control switcher
NV8256 Plus digital
video router
OmniBus Colossus
automation system
Omneon Spectrum video
SeaChange Master Video
Library and SpotPlus
Terayon DM6400 digital
stream management

MediaFLO USA’s nationwide network delivers TV-quality mobile entertainment

MediaFLO USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm, is building a nationwide network using UHF channel 55 to deliver premium, TV-quality mobile entertainment and information services.

To make quality mobile TV a reality, the company built a nationwide transmission network and a facility that houses both broadcast and network operations. Currently, it is preparing for its service launch with launch partner Verizon Wireless in the fi rst quarter of 2007. Content delivery specifications include a resolution of 320 x 240, supporting QVGA quality at up to 30fps with stereo audio. The company’s signal will be transmitted terrestrially among the major markets using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) and a layered modulation technique.

The company contracted Diversified Systems to develop the infrastructure requirements and workfl ow models for its new Broadcast Operations Center (BOC) in San Diego. Because the company integrates its services with network providers that adhere to the rigorous standards of reliability required within the telecommunications industry, high availability was a core design criterion. Maximum redundancy, monitoring and control were requirements throughout all points of the system. The workfl ow approach required adherence to operational simplicity, employing a maximum amount of process automation without sacrificing reliability.

Once system requirements were fi nalized, the systems integrator began the design and integration phase of the project. Build-out of the BOC facility began in January 2006, with a completion date of May 2006.

The facility uses a hybrid SDI/ASI infrastructure, leveraging the SCTE 30/35 standard for turnaround programming, while SDI with embedded audio is used for live events, interstitial material and originated programming.

To maintain a high degree of system visibility, Evertz Vistalink SNMP monitoring and control is employed throughout the infrastructure of the BOC. Information and channel monitoring is displayed across 18 Clarity Puma 50in displays using the Evertz MVP MultiViewer image processor. BOC personnel can manage system integrity and signal quality throughout the entire nationwide enterprise. Also core to the project is NVISION’s NV-8256 Plus digital video routing switcher, as well as the NV5128-MC master control system for live events. In the SDI domain, Omneon servers running in a fully mirrored array are controlled under OmniBus automation. Lastly, turn-around channels are processed in ASI across SeaChange servers with Terayon stream groomers.