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Dolphins Stadium to install two new HD LED displays

The Daktronics HD LED screens will exceed the resolution and aspect ratio of HDTV, enabling panoramic and multi-image views.

Dolphins Stadium in Miami is installing two Daktronics ProStar video displays.

Each display’s physical pixel resolution will exceed the 720p x 1280p HDTV standard and will incorporate an even wider aspect ratio than the 9:16 ratio of HDTV, providing wide panoramas and enabling the stadium to show multiple HD images simultaneously.

Both displays will utilize the existing scoreboard structure. The larger display, located behind the east end zone, will measure approximately 50ft x 137ft with a 736p x 2112p resolution. Full-screen images shown on this display will be comprised of more than 1.5 million pixels, made from more than 4.6 million red, green and blue LEDs. The smaller display, to be installed behind the west end zone, will measure approximately 50ft x 99ft.

The project is scheduled to be completed in time for the Florida Marlins’ 2006 baseball season.

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