Divergent Media introduces ScopeBox video monitoring and disk recording software suite for Mac

Divergent Media has announced the immediate availability of ScopeBox, the first suite of Mac-based image monitoring, capture and analysis software for video production and post production. This solution replaces traditional hardware waveforms, vectorscopes, preview monitors and direct-to-disk recording tools.

ScopeBox recreates every major video quality assurance tool in a software package: preview monitor, waveform, vectorscope, audio meters and direct disk recorder, and adds luminance histograms, RGB histograms and RGB parade. Each of these can be positioned, resized and customized, creating layouts that can be recalled later.

ScopeBox works with any QuickTime-supported capture device or camera — AJA Kona; Blackmagic DeckLink; all DV, DVCam and DVCPro25 cameras with FireWire ports including the PD-150 and DVX-100; and DVCPro HD cameras such as the HVX-200. Additionally, ScopeBox will playback QuickTime files for monitoring, allowing users to check their final edit.

ScopeBox's video preview palette shows the user a pixel accurate, color calibrated image exactly as the camera captures it. ScopeBox preview monitor includes exposure and framing aids. Overlay zebras allow users to keep an eye on the highlights and make sure nothing is lost to overexposure. Chroma zebras show where colors are over saturated. Center marks, rule of thirds, letterbox masks, title safe and graphics safe can be overlaid on the preview to help frame the shot.

ScopeBox's recorder palette digitizes video direct to disk. The recorder saves video to hard disk in a format compatible with non-linear editing software, and can be used with any QuickTime compatible application. The recorder keeps a constant buffer of video that, when enabled, constantly records up to the last 30 seconds in memory.

For more information, visit www.ScopeBox.com.