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Dayang’s D3-Edit 5000 video editor to debut at NAB2005

Dayang will introduce its new D3-Edit 5000 video editor at NAB2005. The editor allows multi-format sources to be edited on a single timeline. Dayang's RedBridge graphics card enables the D3-Edit 5000 to generate 3-D composite effects in real time, with z-axis viewing.

Other major features include four layers of video I/O and 15 layers of animated text. Subtitling tools and preset title templates are included. The system is compatible with DSP effects, VST and DirectX plug-ins. Integral with the D3-Edit-5000 is a GUI-based full-facility audio mixing console supporting 24-bit audio sampling and providing up to 64 tracks of simultaneous playback.

Dolby 5.1 surround sound production and Dolby E editing are supported. The D3-Edit 5000 allows end-to-end native digital production in a wide selection of signal formats.

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